Truck Bed Slide

After many many years of crawling into the back of my truck to get things I finally got a truck bed slide. This thing is awesome.


Nice … if I use a pickup for window cleaning I would definitely look into a bed slide. Once my van is on its last legs. I think I’m going pick up with a bed slide.

I saw a couple videos where they put these into vans as well as wall slides and ceiling slides and it looks amazing.

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Ya … wouldn’t get it for the van. Don’t see a need. Plus the van is getting up there in age. I’m short :rofl::rofl:so walking into the van isn’t that bad.
Don’t need to go in there often. I use it just for route work an estimates , occasional residential.
The slides for a pick up with topper is nice. I’ve seen these things years ago , and liked the idea of it. You lose some space , but all in all I think it works.

I didn’t want to spend $1,200 - $1,300 on one so I made my own for $138. Works perfect.


Is that on rollers or bearings? Looks great.

Casters. 9 of them can hold 90 pounds each. I don’t need that weight limit, but they were perfect size to roll on the ridges of the truck bed to keep it straight.

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Great job. I used mine for the first time today at work and it was excellent, gonna make life easier. I got this one used for $785 so I couldn’t pass it up.

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Ohhh I was just thinking about these. Debating on getting a van or just putting a camper shell on my Tundra with a slide or a drawer setup. I like this a lot.

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That would have been hard to pass up.

I installed one in my newest build with no regrets as well.


I will not be posting pics of my rig after seeing this! beautiful-The way you set up the WFP system!


lol. @buddyo doesnt fuck around… this isnt a surprizing set of pics. lol

I’m a little upset with those feet on the black ladder. I think they should be red

All I can say is Wow!

Yea, the yellow feet bugs the hell outta me to but all the new step ladders are black to match. I will say this, Dewalt step ladders are of the best quality and safe feeling ladders I have ever used.