Truck mounted RO/DI with Cox Reels

I bought some stainless steels cox reels to mount in my van because i am tired of taking cart in and out of the van at every house. It just takes so much time to setup. Does anybody not like there truck mounted setup? How many feet of hose do you guys run on both reels? Thanks for the help:)

We run 300’ of 3/8" supply hose and 150’ of garden hose. We have a cart that we use as well for jobs we can’t reach with 300’ of hose. Love the vehicle mounts though. It’s much quicker than a cart for 99% of our jobs.

Thanks that will help me a lot.

I feel the same way. I made a skid mount totally portable system with water tank and a 300 foot hose reel totally portable I can take it in and out of the van or put in back of a small pickup or just leave it on the job.right now it’s just a skid mount as soon as I finish the fabrication it will be portable.

I totally agree. It is not only faster but easier on your body. You can do the same with a pressure washer.

Post some pics when you get it set up. I’d like to see it.

Sure i can do that.

Started working on mine today

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Nice. How many gallons?

Small 100 gallon

Looks nice. Have you talked to Curt of 5 Star about Chevy vans, water and airbags? If not, you might want to get his input.

What’s the deal with airbags and water?

I’ve got a bulkhead divider so no water in the cabin.

Water will find a way. Especially with that swinging door right next to the tank if it sprung a leak.

I got a little clarification today. It was info Curt learned from some carpet cleaners that had Chevy vans that warned him of the potential issue. I also have Chevy vans so I was going to check with my Mechanic to see if he could see if this has been a problem.

It’s all been sealed pretty well. We’ll see.

Ive seen bed liner like rhino lining or Linex sprayed in the back of a van with a lip on the floor dividing that cargo area from the passenger compartment. Sprayed with a bulk head divider would work well too. The spray keeps all liquids that might spill from getting to passenger area.

When we bought a Chevy van last year, I asked the salesperson about it and he said there was nothing on the floor that had anything to do with the airbags.

Good to know. Didn’t make sense.

Great News. My mechanic went through all three national databases and could not find one instance of the rumored air bag and interior water tank problem.

Got any Pics?? sounds great !!