True double hung windows- fold down to clean?

IF you guys are working a house that have double hungs that fold down inward - is that they way you do the whole house clean?

Not for me. It takes to long! IMO.

No, only the ones that are a real PITA to get to from the outside are cleaned that way.

not unless the windows can’t be reached from the outside.

only is access from the outside is challenging/unsafe


Same as everyone else here. Rarely clean them from the inside… you have to awkwardly balance the window and squeegee ‘backwards’… it’s a pain, nose to glass outside is much faster most of the time

For me it depends on the window. Some tilts are
not easy to mess with.

I feel I can do a better job easier from the outside.

Depends on the windows and what issues I would
have using a ladder (obstacles or slanted ground)

Whatever gets me out of there quickest :smiley:

Rarely tilt them in unless there is an awning or a tree growing up close to them. Its also nice to have the tilt in option if a solarium is under the window too! Some windows will actually get weak and wont stay up if you pass them through the spring loaded tracks too much. The tracks ar designed to add friction to the sides of the window frames to keep them from sliding/falling down in the unlatched position. I see these windows shown below alot. They suck to tilt in.

I’d love to have some of those windows around here. Is very rare when we come across something like that and most of the time they screw everything installing plantation shutters, so no way to tilt them in :frowning:

Welcome to the biz, Monique.
The order I clean when tilting in is - top sash outside, top sash inside, bottom sash outside, bottom sash inside. I vary as to how many sides I prepare for squeegeeing at on time.
It’s a good idea to stay as centered to the sashes as you can and also keep the bottom corners of each sash level with each other. Otherwise the higher corner may pop out of the channel it’s in.

… Same procedure for me, basically. And it can be a real bother when they pop out. I find a 0 degree squeegee is often useful because room to move is often limited.
The ettore squeegee that has the 0 degree option is a great tool.

We are new to the window washing buisness and have two jobs coming up. both with fold down windows the one it is impossble to remove the exterior storm window and the other has many that would take excessive work to get at the outside of the windows. Just wondering the best technique to squeegee the windows from the inside. thanks