Truthful Marketing- Update

Just to let you know, I am not selling any more of my Truthful Marketing PDFs as of right now.

They will be available again in the near future on my new website



It is done!

The ebook is only $79 and I wasted no pages with fluff and filler. I put some great ways to improve your business and your life because of your business.

Thank you to all that ordered already!

Don’t forget, everyone that orders gets four 20 minute phone calls (1 per week) and unlimited email support for 1 month. The book is a tool, let’s use it to work on your business.

thanks to all of you for allowing me the opportunity and for pushing me to do what I love.


email any questions to [email protected]

Just to let everyone know, I will only be able to handle 3 maybe 4 more people for this deal.

If interested let me know, quick!.. I have a huge task ahead of me with a certain east coast window cleaning company.


Make sure you get a deposit from that people before you start on that project, I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff :smiley:

Good luck with the book, I’m really tight on moolah right now, but as soon this picks up again I’ll order for sure.

I have been asking for their first born as collateral… now I fear I will be stuck with all of these kids- FOREVER! :eek: