Trying to get jobs, How to proceed after speaking to manager and getting a positive response?

Hi all, new here but not to window cleaning. I have about 7 years in the business from residential to high rise and everything in between. I’ve been out for a while but I still have all my tools and ladders everything, I’m still really good and fast. I’m trying to get some work, nothing serious just storefronts. Really just for some extra cash, I’m not looking to start a business or anything. I have really nice business cards and I’m pretty good with people.

So I was at a store I frequent recently, I’m always looking at windows everywhere I go and pricing them out in my head. But I really want this place. Nice new big windows, some ladder work, nice entry way. I was there in the morning and the manager was checking me out at the register. I decided this was my time, I was going to ask him about his windows and give him my card, but then a lady got in line behind me and I didn’t want to hold her up so I chickened out and made to leave, then realized I forgot something. So I went back to get it and when I got back to the register the manger was outside wiping the entryway windows with a paper towel. I knew this was a sign, there was no one else in line now, so I gave him my spiel and my card. He asked how much I would charge, luckily I had it all priced out already. When I gave him my price he seemed really excited about it and like he genuinely wanted me to clean the windows. I’ve tried to get places plenty of times and I can tell when they just don’t care about the windows and want you to stop talking to them. This guy really seemed like he was ready to hire me.

So now it’s been a few days. What should I do? Call? Go back and try to talk to him again? Send a personalized letter?

Thanks for the help!

Close the sale as soon as reasonably possible, without being pushy. If they are interested, ask them if they want to book. If they are interested but don’t give a clear response, ask them to clarify. If they don’t give you a follow up date then ask them when to contact them so they can get approval. Basically, don’t leave without a next step, which would be a first clean date, a follow up date, or a follow up date a few months out if they aren’t interested. (You wouldn’t tell them about the last one, just do it)

Great thanks a bunch. Is it best to call or go by in person? I feel odd calling and asking for the manager to ask about the windows, but is that just what I should do?

you could try going by with your gear ready, “say hey it sounded like you wanted these windows clean, i was nearby, should we get them done now?” if the manger was not there i would ask when he would be.

Yeah I like that idea but I need my 30 foot ladder for this one so it’s kind of an ordeal to load it up and drive out there with it.

30 foot ladder for store front?
Those are some big store fronts.
I think it will take a while to line up a route of store fronts to make it worth your while and then your region may have to be wide.
But then again - 30 foot ladder?

It’s a West Marine store. Basically a two story building but just high ceilings. The uppers probably aren’t all the way up to 30 feet, but I only have a 14 foot and 30 foot ladder.

As far as being worth my while, I don’t need the money. I’m comfortably a stay home dad and my wife is in the military, so living that sweet dependent life. I just want to get out there and do something though, especially when the kids get back in school. Window cleaning is all I know. Even if all I had was this one job for a couple hundred every other month, that is worth it to me.

Update - I called back just now, I’m in! The manager wants me to come by tomorrow to go over everything!


In person if you haven’t met the manager. Calling is less personal, but fine I’d you have met the manager. Its a judgement call at that point. Size of the account matters, how busy they seemed and if they were happy to see you, etc.

I got the job! I just went in to talk to him with all my gear ready to work and he hired me right there. Did it yesterday, the manager was really happy to have it done. Got it scheduled every 4 weeks.

Thanks for the advice everyone.


Congrats! Never shy away from from reaching out. Usually a minimum of 5 touches before they bite. Email, phone, postcards, we’ve even used LinkedIn to capture the attention of hard to reach individuals.

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