Tucker Alpha Scrubber

Anyone tried the Tucker Alpha Scrubber? Basically just a WFP head/swivel with a white pad holder. Here’s the link https://windowcleaner.com/tucker-alpha-scrubbers

Looks like it could be a nice tool to add to the box.

It is.
The scrubber pad will last about 1 house, both sides of pad. You get 10 with the purchase.

Yes its a must have if you use a water pole .

It appears to be low enough to even clean the upper part of windows that have Bahama shutters over them. Something I have been looking for to get up in that tight space. Soon I will get one to test how well it does for that.

Good reviews from customers so far! We have a few pictures of it in action on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/windowcleaner/

I have it, I like it and I like my Tucker hybrid better for everyday use. I put either a bronze wool pad, or walnut pad on it for better scrubbing than the white one. I like to be able to clean frames too and the Alpha scrubber does not do that well.

I find it has its place. To me it’s worth having but doesn’t replace using traditional brushes. Sometimes I’ll use it on grimy first time cleans and then touch up with nylon or hybrid brush.

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hoghair bristles around the perimeter would be the answer hint, hint :wink:@RHG_Products

I use blue pads on mine

Thanks for the input guys. I ordered one. My thought is to use it on first time cleans or annual cleans that get really nasty through the year. (and maybe combo with a brush as needed)

SteveO the Window Cleaner also just released a pretty comprehensive review of it, a lot of great points and feedback for anyone still on the fence: HOLY GRAIL WATER FED BRUSH? | WINDOW CLEANING TOOLS - YouTube