Tucker pole- water flowing backwards through brush

So I realize my title is kind of confusing but basically this is my issue. When I’m close to the window/ wall the water that should be flowing towards the glass actually goes the opposite way and drains out of the holes that attach the brush to the gooseneck. This is a classic style tucker. There’s no seals in between the brush and gooseneck so as far as I can tell this is a design flaw. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

try some Teflon Tape

If you have the standard aluminum gooseneck the water flows through the gooseneck to the screws on the brush make sure all the connections or secure

Tucker has been using this style successfully for over 60 years

Thanks for the replies. I’m a fan of tucker and have been using this same pole for years. I put it away for a while after I broke the brush ( because they weren’t making them any more). Then when RHG started putting out their products I bought the new hybrid (red) brush. I only have this issue if I’m directly under the glass close to a 90 degree angle. I don’t remember having this problem in the past but then again I didn’t use my pole much until more recently. I’ll try and get a good video today to demonstrate exactly what I’m talking about.