Tucker Polls


I would like to know about the Tucker poll I’ve used it in the past a few time. I was told you cannot use it directly in the sun. For best results it should be an overcast day or even raining. The reason I was told about sunny days is becasue the water will leave spot when it drys in the sun. I would like to know if you can use a water fed poll system any time? does it matter what the temp is outside.


Then sun doesn’t cause spotting.
But when in the direct sun things as you could has guess dry quicker, so a lot of flushing is needed.
I’d suggest a Gardenir pole or Extel

Thanks for the response. I’ve been hesitant about buying one or doing more of my window cleaning with them because I was told this is what happens when its hot out. Do you use them very often and if yes how does it work for you

Have you checked into pure water to go along with you wfp? without a RO, DI or even RO/DI combination you may still run into spotting issues.

I have used a water fed pole for a little over a year now. There seem to be a lot of myths out there about the use, but we’ve never had trouble. The sun makes it dry faster, and when it’s in the sun you can see any imperfections just like squeegee work. But it does not cause spots. The most important thing is deionized water. We only use deionized, not even soap. It cleans great and on ladder intensive work can easily save 50-70% off your usual time. I like the C-method set up (we just take off the second host and use the sprayer continuously). We get our tanks through Culligan and switch them out every 1,000 gallons.

I would not hesitate to get a pole system if you have the client base and income. Look through the forum and youtube vids to see how it’s done. :slight_smile:

All I have found is that you will have to rinse more heavily than usual on a hot day. Same concept as when you are squeegeeing and chasing that evaporating soap water before it dries on the glass. I have never seen spotting as a result of hot weather with the WFP but have been told by guys that have used them for many years to rinse, rinse and rinse some more on hot days.

I have had a Tucker for 4 years and I can tell you the only time I have had spots is when I pole a house that I have used squeegee on in the past. I have found that strip washers will leave soap on the windows in small amounts and that is where I have found spots or drips. You may need to rinse an extra time on the first pole clean, but by the second time you should have no problem. I have never had any problems working in the hot sun using any pole as long as you are not using the soap attachment on the tucker.

The biggest problem with a waterfed pole is that some people use them without purified water. The things you have listed are a sign of that to me.

If the water is purified, then it really doesn’t matter much which side of the building you are working in or whether the sun is out, etc.

The pole is the least important factor if you don’t start with pure water.

If anything, the sun drying the water quickly may be of some advantage.

I’ve had glass in the shade where it was taking a while to dry out spot because pollen was being blown onto the water droplets before it could dry. You could clearly tell where the drop was because of the pollen residue. If the droplets had dried out sooner, I am sure that the pollen wouldn’t have been as obvious.

Pollen Sucks.

That sounds good Im going to check further into that. Thanks for your help

Do you usea WFP off of a ladder, I may have misunderstood what your saying. Thanks for the info it was really good

I would say useing a WFP off of a ladder would be a bad idea. Infact I’m 100% sure of that.

Because it would be unsafe without three points of contact, among other reasons.

[U]Tucker pole in use here by our friend Curt

Yep - not enough water or rinsing is a big spot producer. The water can dry on its way down the window on really hot days, so you have to put the flow up a touch. I prefer wfp in sun - it drys the windows quicker when done - so no hanging around wondering if theres problems, you just go over it quickly again.


All of those variables are removed when you purify the water rather then using tap water. If you purified the water then you could charge the same as if you did it by hand and the quality would not be sacrificed.