Two at a time

I get it, it’s neat just not practical.

He talked about time is money but with how slow even he’s going it is more efficient to Simply wet and squeegee. You will move twice the speed normal


I used to double up on a commercial account that had residential sliders. If you’re smooth you can actually go maybe 1.75 speed. I don’t think anyone will actually go twice as fast, but on the right job, with the right technique, you can burn through those windows.

Would never do it inside a house tho. Outside/commercial only.

but but but, sill squeegee inside?!?!?
I don’t think my customers would appreciate all that water on their carpets.

It seems much slower than two handed method on 1 pane

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Makes no sense whatsoever. Focus on one pane at a time.

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I think he was purposely going slower to demonstrate the technique. I’ve seen him do this technique before in some of his other videos where he’s actually at a job and not at his house and he goes very quickly

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Even if he’s faster than what the video showed that would be a waste of my time, not efficient. I would be just as fast, probably faster, wetting 5 windows down, squeegee 5.

Really not realistic way to work.

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He threw all the dirty water off the sill and on to the floor. Wtf

Once you get good at the two handed method and you use a small squeegee to fling all the dirty water off the sill inside a home… try to aim the dirty water at the nearest white sofa or curtain. Makes an amazing polka dot effect.

Just kidding! Never fling dirty water on the floor inside a house.

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I tried both methods, time was even, better results 1 handed and much more comfortable 1 handed also.
I did leave out the part where sill water went to floor.

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