Type of solution for “sensitive” client

I had an odd request on a big upcoming job. The client told me her son is really sensitive to chemicals and scents. I told her we would use dawn dish soap for the interior but she still wasn’t super satisfied due to the scent it carries. Can anyone recommend a solution to use in this situation? Thanks.

Dial anti bacterial hand soap

Have her take him somewhere while your doing the insides. Other than that, she’d have to do them herself I think.

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dawn makes an unscented version


Ecover unscented


Ok now I’ve herd it all :joy:

Wow therr are smells every where. Does she ever go on vacation out to eat anywhere with her son ?
Excuse me waiter what do you put in this dish my son is sensitive to smells
Ah gues I’m not being very sensitive right now :man_shrugging:t2: I’m sensitive to wacky ness !


What soap does she use wash her dishes?


Dawn makes a version with no scent or dye.

7th Generation laundry soap. Unscented and hypoallergenic.

What does she have by her sink to wash her dishes? If you can make that work for you, then that’s your safest bet since it’s something they already use in the household.

The hypoallergenic ecover would be my next choice.


I’ve known people with serious chemical sensitivities. They can’t just go out anywhere. It’s a real struggle for them.


I would also suggest using what she uses in her home. Or clean with pure water.

some people dont go places due too chemical sensitivity or allergies.

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I’ve done my fair share of work for customers that have said they have sensitivities. They’ve all been ok with Glass Gleam.



Never herd of this before , or have been asked

I’m actually one of these people, to a lesser degree.

The scent of varying cleaners really bothers me, and since I’m allergic to many things, some chemicals can give me contact dermatitis.

Perfect example… my Mom always used Cheer detergent because with 6 kids, everyone was allergic to something. Clothes washed in Tide will make me break out, though only slightly.

Bleach cleaners, like the spray cleaners you get to clean bathrooms and the such, the fragrances that are added stay with me for days. Funny thing is, I could huff straight bleach while soft washing and its fine. The additives are what gets me.

I am 100% sure that I am on the lesser end of these sensitivities, but they are a real thing.


yes sir my lil girl gets hives easily

tried a new all natural sun block on her and she broke out with hives.

my girls and wife don’t use synthetic perfumes or scented hand sanitizers. we dont use obnoxious scented candles why? i get an instant migraine. if its a crowd its easy enough too get away from the trigger. one customer had a scented candle in all parts of her home i about died. jacked me up rest of the day.

i have a respirator in my van now. weird thing is it started maybe about 8yrs ago never had an issue with odors before


Sensitive to scent?

Once got a call from someone in the ER claiming our chems gave her an allergic reaction.

If I heard what you did, I would

  1. walk away (pita already)
  2. Provide MSDS sheet of chems you use and leave it in her court.

Any person, or someone who has a sibling that is sentive to chemicals or cleaning agents should just clean there home themselves. Why put the burden on a company that does something a certain way ,or expect them to do the research. Come up with the cleaning agents , an ask them if they will use it. I don’t know I would walk from this job don’t care how big it is.

you have them provide chems sign off on it.

we also own a floor cleaning service. we ended up with a client from a referral and the people had been waxing their ceramic floors which is a big no no.

had too use a special green floor stripper with no odor. she was prone too migraines.

we tested a small area and charged accordingly. was a tough job 18 man hrs and $2970 later we were all happy.

can be done just take precautions, we are a Service provider just some require a lil more and usually dont mind paying for the consideration.



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