Typical Monday with my employees

Crew Leader walks into shop…

“Our water cart is not working right today.”

Me: have you been changing the filters and documenting your tds readings on your chart?

In my forty year career as an owner and working for others I’ve seen very few people do that find of work after a long day of hard work unsupervised. That filter doesn’t surprise me at all. Who’s their supervisor? You should chew out the supervisor. IMO.

Crew leader is responsible for his truck and equipment. That’s why he makes the $$$ and has all the job perks. He has all the systems in place to keep his truck and equipment in top shape. You’re right, he got corrected. But I don’t “chew out” employees. If I get to that point then it’s probably time for them to move on.

Side note, this crew leader is probably my best employee. I could see him grow into my role of overseeing all trucks and field ops. He gets the company atleast 5-6 five star reviews a week. I will overlook a dirty filter for awesome customer service 10 times out of 10.

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I agree totally but he’s still to busy to care about checking filters. Seen it a hundred times. Maintenance is the last thing a “go getter “ wants to deal with.

It’s kinda like great salespeople who can’t get their paperwork done on time. To busy selling cars.

So you are the super Kyle


I don’t wear capes and conquer…:wink: