U.S.Glass magazine "latest article"

So…im thumbing through my latest edition of U.S. glass magazine,low & behold on page 12 “Caring for today’s glass” (a Gana guide to new technology)

They of course get into “Gana” documents "proper procedures for cleaning architectural glass products & heat treated glass.

Of course the same old jargon… that heat treated glass does however change the surface hardness of the glass and that annealed & heat treated have the same glass hardness but…then delve into slight surface markings,roller wave or overall bow resulting from soft glass riding on ceramic rollers. However …later on near the end of the article they talk about "how heat treated glass surfaces are different & emphasize the need to avoid the use of scrapers in the glass cleaning process because their use carries the high risk of scratching the glass surface when the scraper drags surface particles left on the glass whether by the heat treated process or(get this)…or as construction grit/dirt across its surface.

I know its nothing new but…its the same ol song & dance with Gana & there BULLetins. Just had to share!

Nice pun, Craig.

It’s remarkable how they must believe that saying the same things over and over will eventually make them true. They really want us to think that Pinocchio is now a real boy.

Pinocchio is NOT a real boy?

I believe Kevin was just being facetious;)

I’ll bet you a nickle that aintjemama was also being facetious.

Bets off…but i believe your right;)

Gee – I always thought it belonged to Dan Fields…

Shoot. Maybe Pinocchio is real…

Bad analogy!

Spidermans real!

I reckon theres more of them than Santas?

Thats awesome! I knew he was real!!!