Ugh! So much competition!

Ok so I’ve been wanting to start a window cleaning business for a long time now. Soaking up every bit of advice and info I can I know all the licensing and permits I need to get. Making a perfect website. Got a nice simple business card design. Got good equipment my father in law had it never used it… Here’s my dilemma. There are about 30 Window cleaning businesses in my area. Although they charge an arm and a leg almost double what I plan to charge. I suppose ill just have to stand out making my website personal. Being proactive in my community. Networking with people. Getting referrals from my f riends who own businesses. All I need to do is stay focused and stand behind my work. I’m not a low baller by any means btw. Any advice on standing out above all that competition? I just want a piece of the pie!

Raise your prices 80% then


You’ll still be under their price, but closer to the fair market, and not shortchanging yourself half a paycheck every week.

Good point. And then customers wont think hmm must be beer money bob trying to clean our windows. Thanks

What sort of prices are we talking? If you aren’t getting at least $6-8/double hung residential window, you’re doing it wrong.

Welcome Kirk

Thanks Chris. [MENTION=3418]michaelmole[/MENTION] I’m charging $7 double hung these competitors I speak of charge 10 to 14. Lol. I’m guessing they have lots of employees or they like to overcharge…

No such thing as “overcharging,” tbh

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Well for crying out loud, that’s not overcharging! I charge that much every single day.

You need to raise your prices to market rates, or close to it. Trust us all.

You have a great market up there on the lake. You just don’t want to inadvertently cut your own throat in the long run. You’ll do great.

My prices are going to $12 for basic, $18 for premium this spring.

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My man! thats great to hear. Im gonna aim for 25 April May and June

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I have a question about pricing as well… Lets say you have a call to clean 40 windows that are all 120 inches long by 60 inches wide. 20 on the lower ground level and 20 on the top second level of a commercial building in the bronx or manhattan… How much would you charge for outside and what would you charge for inside? Is there different pricing for inside as oppossed to outside?

25! Holy Moley! Does that include track and screen cleaning?

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What is a basic and a premium window? Also some help with basic pricing structure would be helpful

Holy Moley is right!

2 panes and a screen for $12 out here is like pulling teeth, $9 is the “knows what he’s doing running a business” average and $5-6 is the Fish and half pricers and you guys are getting 18-$25? criminy crickets so cal is a messed up market for sure

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Supply and demand
But we can work year round

Glad I posted lol I’m about to put in a bit with a property manager I know. Potentially landing 5 apartment complexes. I know for a fact they’ve never been cleaned. Ive read mostly places like this have small budgets for cleaning but you’re all right. Worst case they say no. I’m confident enough about it. In my proposal I put some great benifits why they should be cleaned especially since the front entrances are beautiful and full of windows and its there main focal point.

I want $25 a window year round :slight_smile:

Yea but also thats after our 20 window special… I should have mentioned that will probably be like 249 - So its windows over that. Avg house about 30 windows

So I guess if you factor that in its only like 16 bucks a window…

Not everyone uses that special though…