Uh oh

Not to worry, they have been around awhile as part of the carpet cleaning franchise. Initial investment is 100-500K. Doubt you see them popping up all over…

HAHAHA awesome!

Perhaps you could add the Kenmore line of squeegees, washer sleeves, poles, and chemicals to your store.

Fill out the credit application at: http://www.not-the-Sörbo.com

I can’t imagine that they even get 1 job done a day. I’m sure they show up to the house, look at the windows and realize they don’t have the “right” equipment to clean the windows, so when the “right” equipment is delivered to the homeowner who of course will have to call and schedule another appointment to have the windows cleaned only after they have received the equipment directly from Sears, the Sears guy returns to clean the windows only to find out the Equipment shipped is “WRONG”!!!and so on…

If I saw one of those stupids vans in my city, I would slash their tires and throw a
molotov cocktail at it.

Inferior competitors typically help competent window cleaners (not that I know that Sears Window Cleaning is inferior.) Customers usually don’t retain substandard work.

My city has some old ordinance on the books regarding slashing of tires and throwing of cocktails.

Hey, it could be worse.

No way Mark… Thats gotta be a photo shop right?

Photoshop is fun! :wink:

Too political? Not enough? :smiley:

Yeah it coud be worse.

As a Mac user I can really appreciate this. Hehe:D

Mac all the way!


The only way to go!

I saw that same picture , at least 2 years ago, I still have not seen a sears window cleaning van

Any size house $4000.00 - get on our waiting list now.

“in our attempts to keep up with Mac we have now turned to other means of making money”

for sures brah!