UK cleaner looking for software

Hi all,

Im a window cleaner over in the UK and have come over here to see if you guys (and girls) can help me in my search for some round software.

Currently i use George and have in the past used Window Cleaner Pro & Round Tracker V5.

Im looking for some software to manage my round as the above programs do, but that can be loaded onto a tablet. In the UK there are no round software programs that can be loaded onto a tablet due to them requiring windows XP min.

There are a number of cloud programs that are available from free up to £12 per month. However these require a 3g signal which can be a problem in some areas i work.

I am looking for a program i can load onto a tablet (google nexus 7) and carry this tablet with me. When i quote a job i can put the details straight into the program and tell the customer when their next clean is. Currently i have to go home and type this into George and then ring the customer. Also it would mean i would have my round availible for when customers ring to find out when im due next etc.

Is there any programs over here that can do what i require ?

Thanks all

JP / Bluefrog

I use it , it cost £170.00 2 years ago done me proud , I can do expenses on the go using a pda, sync it at the end of the day, all jobs and expenses done no account needed as on wcp its all done, just print debt list and go, invoices and receipts using your own logo etc… u get a 45 day free trial, so have a look and see what you think?, you can use it for all cleaning jobs, set up rounds, accounts, what I like about it is its easy to use no time wasting and everything can be edited before a tax return… if anyone’s using it please rate it I give it 8/10 would be 10/10 if the pda done debts.

As you probably know “Aworka” is currently working on the George program so that it can be viewed without wifi. That’s one of the reasons I went for the Nexus7 as well, as Chris Powell said they were making for Android first.

I can tether my nexus to my iphone for wifi. Have you tried this JP?

I use Aworka on my phone and IPad I was a George user before I switched to Aworka so I could go mobile

Do you not suffer from dead wifi spots John?

Try googling “field service software”. Also Field Service Management Software: service software, dispatching, service order management at [url=]Software: Business & Nonprofit | Reviews and Top Software at Capterra They will let you filter what type of software your looking for and give you a good idea of options. hope this works. I’m trying Ayanova right now. Got a thirty day free trial. We live an area with literally no internet access. I just downloaded this simple program for scheduling and client management. No Accounts Receiveable or Payable, but otherwise okay. Pretty sure it can be used on tablet, and relatively inexpensive. Wish you the most success!

I’m also playing with Google calendar - working quite well, as I can access it off-line. It updates when you get wifi. Cheap option.