Umbrella Insurance Question

I have a question if any of you may have some insight into.

Recently I got fully insured (got general liability, automobile liability, umbrella, and work comp).

So far so good but there is one commercial job and a second one that requires them to be added as an additional insured to the umbrella coverage.

My insurance company State Farm said they don’t add additional insureds to umbrella policies since the general liability is what covers me and the customer.

And the customer needs me to add them to the umbrella policy as an additional insured and the customer said this is standard insurance stuff whereas Statefarm says it’s not and won’t add them onto it…

Anyone heard or dealt with this before? I couldn’t find much about this topic online except this article that says it’s not a good idea.

how do they know you have an umbrella policy in the first place?

never heard of additional insured to umbrella policy

my understanding is additional insured on liability is more about being an additional address to mail an expired policy notice too, so they know right away if a policy went out of effect (alerting them that you are now uninsured). but different states, different rules

Idk but some places have such stringent insurance requirements it’s ridiculous.

Had a similar request yesterday for a small 6 window job…

Oh well.