UNBELIEVABLE! 1 RenuDisk = $2,300.00




How much would you have charged in a real world situation for that pane of glass, and how much time did you actually have in it?




As the one who did the job in the video, it took at most 12 min, I should have timed it, oh well. As for what I would have charged for that job, it was on a sliding glass door. To remove that piece of damage I would have charged my min of $200.00

Figure that to replace that door the cost would be around 800-1000 when all is said and done.

Nice job Cody. Did the owner of the disk say approximately how many hours he had on the disk? That would probably be a good way to tell when the disk is ready.

That is flat out amazing!

Thanks Cole,

another add on to ponder…


No, he didn’t mention the time, and honestly that would be hard to gauge as different glass is going to wear down the disk at a different rate. So far our best guess on what the average person using a CDT Disk can expect is that it should take between 25 and 35 panes for the CDT disk to condition. At that point the disk will last as long as you take care of it. We have some early proto-types that are over a year old.

Hope this helps

How much is it?
Will that make the grey pads obsolete?
Do CDT disks come in red, tan and black?

I’m completely ignorant to everything Glass Renu.

But the more I see, the more fascinating I find it.

Sorry I didn’t get to this until now, crazy day. The CDT will remove the need for a Pre-polish once it is conditioned, however if you don’t have a conditioned CDT Red disk you will still need the Grey.

As of right now the CDT is only available in the RED disk color, but we are working on a new paper for the BLACK that will also use CDT.

Also for right now we are still offering them at the normal disk price’s, for how much longer we can afford to do this I don’t know. Hope this answers your questions! If not, tune in to the webinar tomorrow and ask away!

single pane tempered patio glass costs 250.00 - 350.00, 450.00 -650.00 (insulated) per panel for glass only replacement in my area. we reuse the existing framing which cuts the cost of total frame tracks and panel replacement dramatically. That being said, I own a glass shop and you have much lower overhead I would assume making more $$ per job. Severity of scratches could be in line for replacement due to time$$ correct? Good job on tthe 12 minutes.

absolutely there is a correlation between severity of the scratch and what you should charge for the repair, as the more sever the scratch the longer it will take to get the damage out. Severity however is a very subjective term. I am sure anyone who has seen our demos live would say that what we call “light” they call sever. Thus I would say most construction clean up is light to moderate, and things more akin to deep carbide scratches (ex. Graffiti tags) or sand blast damage would be what we consider to be EXTREME or SEVER damage. That being said, in the hands of a trained technician (or someone with a min of 25 scratch removal jobs under their belt) our system will remove light to moderate damage quickly enough that from a cost of time calculation it would be on par or cheaper than replacing the glass.

Question, are the costs you listed your costs, or the price you would charge the customer. If they are your costs, then the savings are huge, figure average material cost of ~$0.22 per square foot, and in an experienced operator 15 square feet of light to moderate damage should take around 1 hour. If those prices are what you charge the customer then it would definitely make sense on the IG installations and depend on the size of the glass for single pane installations.

Hope this sheds more light on your question. If not let me know.

Sorry I didn’t see your question til now! These prices are customer prices. I’d say seek a competent glass co to work with and familiarize each other w expectations and limitations.

:0 I ran out glass to remove the scratches from :stuck_out_tongue: But I mad a crap load, it is an excellent add on