Unger 0 Degree Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner


[SIZE=5][B]Unger 0 Degree Handle Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


Good stuff Mark.

Nice job Mark.

I loved it Mark. You need to run me thru how to get the quality video posted.

As a result of this video, I just placed an order for one.

I really dig this forum.

Mark, that might be Toronto’s cleaneast window !

Tell me about it. Now whenever I clean it, it actually squeaks. Talk about squeaky clean.

I’d like to do more stuff outside but I always feel funny about asking customers to let me use their windows for a video. Ahhh. maybe do some commercial windows soon.

good vid…

I’m sure it is :d :d

nice vidio,and that handle rocks,it is always getting used for interior resi work

I also have the unger 30 degree that does not get much use,and I have yet to figure out a specialty for it,any input on that handle

I’ve got an Unger 0 Degree swivel handle I’ve been using for a while now. I don’t use my (The) Ledger since I got the Unger 0 Degree handle. It’s an extremely versatile tool.

I do a McDonalds Playground interior where the playground equipment is very close to the 2 story wall of glass. There’s not enough room for a ladder and it can’t be poled with a regular squeegee. I use the Unger 0 Degree handle on a pole and clean the 2nd story glass with the side to side method that Mark talks about in his video.

I can fan with it on a pole as long as the glass is not too high. Don the Window Cleaner has a good video on YouTube using the Unger 0 Degree squeegee on a pole to clean an eyelid window.

I keep this tool on the truck at all times and break it out when needed. It really comes in handy for difficult to reach windows.

I forgot to mention one major drawback with this tool. You have to use a pair of pliers and a screwdriver to change out rubber blades.

I had an Ettore Super System handle in my junk box and found that the quick release on the Super System handle could be used on the Unger 0 Degree handle. The Unger 0 Degree is truly a great tool once this modification is made. It’s now a quick release handle so changing rubber is quick and easy.

Even if you have to buy an Ettore Super system handle just for the quick release part it’s well worth the investment to make the modification on the Unger 0 degree handle.

I’ve heard about this mod before. I might just go ahead and do it since I have a super system handle.

Until I fell in love with the Ettore Contour Pro+ handle, the Unger 30° swivel lock handle was my handle of choice. Still good to keep close by, just in case.

I did the same modification to my ledger.

Mark, nice work, but please stop posting these videos. They keep interupting my plans to buy no more equipment until spring.


Wow. It looks easier than it is.


This video helped me.


How close alike do the 30 degree and 0 degree look? In Alex’s video of the 0 degree Unger swivel handle in the WCR Store it really looks like theres 30 degree angle to it…

Here’s a pic.