"Unger Boab" Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner Episode #3


[SIZE=5][B]Unger BOAB Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


Great video Mark.

I bought a boab. But I stopped using it. I don’t do residential, so obviously I don’t need it for going up and down ladders, since my feet are always on the ground.

The reasons why I didn’t like the boab, is because I like to use swivel 22 inch applicator for large commercial windows, and of course with the boab it tips or topples since it is not designed for such a large applicator. For a scraper I like using the red topped scrapers, not the small ones. I also found it dripped water too, definitely not a desirable situation. So I don’t use it.

I love the boab could not live without it. Of course I am all residential.

Some stores I use it while others I don’t. And as I mentioned, there 's the danger of tipping and spilling. I definitely feel it’s a must for residential exteriors.

Great video - I prefer the Ettore boab.

I prefer the Ettore as well Karlos!
As usual a great review Mark!

What elements of the Ettore boab do you like better?

i wish the belt clip was more like the blue pulex hip bucket. that would be perfection

I know you were asking Karl but I like the color better (black is my favorite). Plus it has a better quick release clip imo. It can hold one of my sorbo channels on the side if needed. My belt has two double holsters so needing an extra squeegee doesn’t happen all that often. It’s more streamlined and I like that as well.

Actually, I was asking both even tho I only quoted Karl. Thanks for your answer. :slight_smile:

The same as Tony, easy clip on & off for water disposal, not an up & under like the Unger.
More streamlined, hangs next to your leg better than any other I’ve tried.
When you go down on one knee - it doesn’t empty on your leg like others.
With the dual squeegee holders I usually end up pulling the other squeegee out when taking one - so I’m happy with the main slot I need. (I did a mod’ for the bucket adding heating insulation piping for an extra long
Doesn’t pull or cut the rubber like Unger & no drips down your leg trying to squeeze the wand into the boab.
Hangs a little lower for the right ergonomics to & from window for your hand. But not so low it becomes a Pulex thigh slapper.
I never did like the blade holder on the Unger, I always felt myself dropping down trying to reach for it.
I like the easy in & out operation for my squeegee - I was always having to watch where the slot was with the Unger. Now I never have to look.

Can’t fit thein the channel - have the mod’!
Once it starts getting old the swivel plays havoc (like all of them).
Doesn’t stand up to well when you take it off - the mod’ fixes this!
When they are old - they look old!

Excellent points Karl but I don’t have any problem putting min the slot. My boab is only about a year old. If your’s is older maybe that’s why it doesn’t fit. Just curious.

I think it depends which channel you use. They are quite hard to get in the UK & non-existant in Spain. When I tried to buy direct from dinosaur land - they only took orders for a minimum of €1500. I have heated the Ettore channel up with a hot-gun - but it was still sticking a bit - hence the mod’.

Good point Karl. The Cobra channel won’t fit. I use the quicksilver channels.