Unger cleaning pads

I didn’t know this item existed until a day ago. (Learned about its existence from reading this forum.) So I’m writing to solicit reviews on its performance.

My thought is that it might be easier to use an Unger cleaning pad to clear water from edges than a folded towel. Have any of you had the same thought? Given it a try?


You can check out some reviews here - Unger SpeedClean Window Kit | Unger Window Cleaning Kits

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Unger Microfiber Washing Pad

The cleaning pad itself has floated around number 1 - 5 of our best selling products for a couple of years now.

Naw, I wouldn’t use them like that. It would be a waste. The pad works great for cleaning hard to access windows. I use them under signs that I have to hold back. Also, used it today on a job I’ve got where the numbers above the door are barely being held on - just use it to go around the numbers without bumping them.

I tried using towels but the effect is NOT the same. The pads work great.

I do imagine that you could use them to finish hydrophobic windows that you wfp.