Unger ergotec

hello I’m a window cleaner in France is I have to buy squeegee unger ergotec is I would like to know if it is necessary to tighten the screw squeegee of the raclette thank you

If you buy the quick release you won’t have to tighten anything

what is the new version
mi j have the unger green ergotec version with the screws


It’s a squeegee. More important is having replacement rubber for it. Make some money with it…buy something better.

You should not have to tighten any screws on the quick release from the manufacturer.
But you can tighten or loosen the screws if need be.

The Unger ergo tec is a real good handle.


that’s why I should not touch the tightening of the manufacturer

Correct most of the time the screws tightness is correct from the manufacturer, but some times they do need tightening.

I think that the channel of the raclette moves a little for his I wonder if it was necessary to tighten the screws squeaks so that it does not move any more

Just tighten the screws about quarter turn until the channel feels snug in the handle.

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ok so the channel should not move the handle

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thank you very much I find it odd that the channel move as much

thank you very much I find it odd that the channel move as much …

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Like I said sometimes you have to loosen or tighten the screws a bit.

I’m happy I could help.

thank you best week end

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hello the problem i do not understand english i’m you on youtube is i like a lot your videos …

I often watch videos but no one talks about tightening the screws squaring the ergotec