Unger green rubber 2024

Hello guys, I live in south florida most of the year very hot and humid plus the water it’s hard water. I been using ettore master rubber it only last me one day per side. I know I’m heavy handed so that doesn’t help. I was thinking in trying Unger green rubber but I hear steveO and other pros saying it’s not the same rubber as it was 3 years ago. Can any of the pros that have experience with this expensive rubber give me some feedback and let me know if it’s worth the price and if should I give it a try since it should last me longer than ettore in this hot tropical weather?. Thank you!

I live in a similar climate minus the hard water, I have been using Ettore for about 25 years without much issue.
However I did run out last week and my order was only just placed so i had a few days to wait.
I popped in to the local cleaning supplies to find they had new owners and now stocked Unger products (I rarely use Unger so for me it was no big deal).
They had the green rubber so i bought a 14" to give it a whirl, while i waited for my other rubbers on order.
I was Very surprised, I had not used Unger rubber in many years as I had found it to be inferior to Ettore back then.
The green rubber is actually better than Ettore, it has a better glide lasts longer.
I’m contemplating selling my Ettore rubbers to get a 12 pack of the green Unger’s.

Ettore lasts me 1 side per day of full residential.

The unger green lasts me 2-3 days per side. I find my BOAB puts a little cut in the center before the ends burn out. I will probably just keep buying Ettore personally (also in Florida here)

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I think I’m going to order one and test it out, See how I like it and then make a desition!

That’s a bummer probably your BOB is the suspect lol.
Thanks you for the reply!

I like the green rubber. It performs well and lasts a long time. When I use a plastic BOAB, I super glue a small piece of soft, supple leather to the inside of the squeegee tube right at the top where the rubber contacts the plastic. This slows the wear on the rubber and I can get more use out of them. I found I had to fix this problem the most on pulex tubex buckets. Shelf lining material also works very well.

Get yourself @JaredAI 's Samurai boab and you’ll never look back. I got one as a christmas present for myself last year and it works great and you can coordinate your colors if you’ve got a theme.

Get a silencer and don’t be cheap.

Damn it. I paid good money for that to hang off my belt, thinking I’m cool. Cheap is like the best insult in New England. I forgot that. I recently had a helper that was “experienced”. He didn’t work with any towels. Too much money to spend to clean storefronts… :grinning:

Not trying to insult you, I’m just saying it’s the best tool I added to my belt

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Close to $300 for a BOAB? What’s so special about it? It looks bulky and cumbersome in the photos…

Sell me on it. :sweat_smile:

oh cmon, don’t be cheap! lol