Unger handle from Home Depot

Unger has a complete squeegee at Home Depot for like 17bucks it’s a thin body channel 18"
It’s the same exact feel as the ninja handle but not for wide body’s
And unlike the ergotec handle you have to undo screws to change rubber and channel place ment. Have any of you guys use these?
I have one I use with a 14" and love the feel
I’m just wondering!

I am going to drop in and take a look. I do like the ninja handle. Got a complete with 14" awhile back. I have been using just for interior work.
Not so sure i like the channel. No issues so far,just not use to the clunky clip ends. But love the handle. Same goes for the ninja t-bar handle.
I have been thinking of buying one more handle. Because i like it.


Ya they feel great. (Same as ninja)
And the wide body’s do nothing for me till I get into 22" plus
Give it a shot it’s $17 if I knew how to post pics from my phone I’d do it lol

[MENTION=7495]Dirk Diggler[/MENTION]
Which one is it. The pro or the light green/yellow one. I have used the home grn/yellow ones. I take my channels and slide them in. Make different size ones like a detailer only 3.5" and another for ledge frame water removal. Had the 18" pro but traded it for a 18" brass unger. You know what else works great is the blue handle unger combi. Don’t like the combo so cut off the squeegee. I use the scrubber all the time. Has a nice angle to it, fits on a pole. Pretty durable. Holds a ton of water. I like the feel. Trying to get the girls into using squeegees so starting them out with these. I have popped in some wagtail rubber and works great.

It’s the one that’s all black with dark blue rubber

I have about 20 of these that I used to use lol. Theyre garage-space-taker-uppers now.

See somebody likes them

[MENTION=7495]Dirk Diggler[/MENTION]
I have the handle still, Put a brass 6" unger channel in it. Think it is the pro grip. Sturdy. Also like the washer 18" with scrubber pad on washer. The little greenies are great to trim channel the size same as head and I use for ledges. I would not get the other model that has teeth to hold rubber. The teeth seem to deform the rubber so you get a warped blade. Love my steccone. I had the home white pole and when got bad took the yellow unger pole tip off to use on another pole. Their 6 gal blue bucket is great, but need wheels for it. Everyone talks about that is cheap stuff. Well If I compare this unger pro handle to the basic steccone handle, like $7. This cheap unger from HD is a far better quality. Names don’t mean quality. If it is durable, versatile, affordable I can make it work. I wish Lowes would sell better Ettore products. Contour pro+ would be nice or HD with a zero

Liked, past tense, plus I inherited a lot as well. If you want em, make me an offer lol

Ill pay from shipping lol

I like them. There are only two real draw backs:

  1. Lacks a Quick Release for the Squeegee Blade
  2. Deep Set Sills Are The Enemy (Ledger Handles Being The Fall Back, Of Course)

Depending on how hot your area is, you might need a hard squeegee blade for the hot glass. The pre-installed squeegee blade is probably soft, maybe medium. I’ve tacked on Unger plastic channel clips, not to hold the blade so much as help to dog-ear the blade forward. Helped alleviate the soft blade bending back against the channel (at the ends) when fanning. You might not need it though. Here’s a video from [MENTION=67]Beautiful View[/MENTION] (Mark with Tool Tips):


Thanks to [MENTION=71]mistersqueegee[/MENTION] (Tony) for finding this little dog-ear trick.