Unger Hi-Flo Di Vessel, + new 1/2 cu ft. resin

Just landed a deal and upgraded my WFP setup and pole. I’m tempted to keep this stuff as backup - but I think it’s just going to sit with where I am headed right now.

The tank was bought through WCR last fall.

I just used up the resin in the Di tank in January, I haven’t changed the resin - but have a brand new unopened 1/2 cu ft package ready to go. I’ll post pictures this afternoon.

Also I will possibly be selling my Unger n’lite 20’ starter pole w/brush & a 10’ aluminum n’lite extension. So if anyone is interested I am open to offers - just not 100% sure on getting rid of it quite yet - I want to test out my new pole on a job or two before getting rid of my backup.

If anyone has done / shipped / packaged this stuff before I’d appreciate advice on the best way to do it, and estimate the cost of it.

I’m interested in the pole and extension. What’s your price for those?

Still have the Di-Tank, Pole & Extension are gone.