Unger Hiflo Pure Water System - Best option?

Hi have got a tds of 80 in our area and looking for a plug and go system. The Unger Hiflo looks like it does what I want it to, does anyone use one and what do they think or is there something more suitable out there. Love the look of the Wash-iT pro, but think it might be overkill with a tds of only 80. Many thanks in anticipation

If you don’t want to break the bank, the 1/2 cube is good Depends on how much water you need. The 1/2 cube is a great option. With TDS of 80 you will make a lot of water. They are good units.
London? England or like Kentucky? If in UK WFP supplies are all over and much cheaper.
Are you talking about the .5 cube size black Unger tank or the CRSpotless blue canisters DIC(W)120 with an unger sticker on the mount think model DI 140? That based on a TDS of 180 what is in my area can get you over 1,000 gal. Heck, with a low TDS you can find a small RO.
If looking at the Unger DI vessel (small black vessel) Its nice but about 1/4 cu ft of resin. I have a quarter and you could get 500 gal, I get about 300-350. I made this mistake. So go quarter unger get maybe 500 gal and pay 265. Buy 1/2 cube for 218 and get over 1000gal. Go larger DI 140 Unger and get(lets see… plus 1…divided by…) way to early for that math. 180ppm gets 1000 gal so 80 ppm gets… more. And costs way too much. You could get the full cube for half the cost of the large unger and get like 3000 gal for $340.
Call WCR they can set you straight. If I were to do it all over again I would have bought the cube and as my use grew get a second or the full cu ft. I’m a newbie, what would I know.

Yea, if you can find a place that rents DI tanks, they may be your best bet. They’re a lot cheaper than the filter systems and they’ll produce a lot more water at that TDS.