Unger in HD

I was in Home Depot yesterday and of course I went through the cleaning isle and I had to look at the window cleaning tools and see whats up. I noticed that everything was from unger. Poles, squeegees, scrubbers, soap… everything. So if Unger has Home Depot does Ettore have any of the other major super stores?? I know the hardware store down the street from me sells Ettore brass squeegees and floor squeegees and one or two other items. But I haven’t seen Ettore anywhere else that I can think of.

Was the Unger the consumer version? Usually blue in color instead of green?

The HD I saw them in had a variety of different squeegees. I like the brass ones. It is handy if you need something immediatly

Lowes had Ettore about 2 or 3 years ago. They got dumped. Now Lowes carries garbage window washing tools.

Like Matt said, they had a few different things. Blue ErgoTec, stainless and brass.

I was at a Lowes the other day looked like they had Ettore back with the new series pro sets what ever the new name is.

Al. E:)

The Canadian Home Depot carries a brand called Mallory. That was my first squeegee and scrubber. I was soooooo proud the first day I cleaned windows with them.:stuck_out_tongue: I still use the 10" scrubber for smaller cutups and the squeegee with cut down channel for frenchies and as a detailing squeegee.

NorCal Lowe’s still carries Ettore.

Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) also carries Ettore.

My local Home Depots switched from Ettore to that crap Unger line ~1 year ago or more. The only exception is the blue 6-gallon bucket – identical in quality to the green. And, it’s $20.

The Menards (big in the Midwest) carry Ettore.

still there. i bought one while i was in socal visiting family 4months ago. i cleaned my grandmothers windows. worked well. lowes had racks full of 18in and 12in ettores.

{you save big money at menards}

“hey, have you seen my-nards?”

HD down here has all sorts of unger consumer products. The Lowes offers some consumer ettore stuff. Most of our janitoral supply shops carry professional unger supplies. And there are at least three in my 15 mile radius.

Lowes around here still has Ettore. Still junk stuff though.

They wont put you out of business. It’s definitely a residential line.

So I bought the blue Unger bucket at Home Depot just to practice on my home windows before I splurge and purchase all of my window cleaning equipment from WCR. My question to you guys… does the lid that is sold here on WCR fit the blue Unger 6 gallon bucket from Home Depot? I might just order a green Unger bucket from here anyways, and just keep the blue bucket for storage or whatever I might need it for. But if it fits, I will just order an extra bucket lid so I can have two buckets with lids.

Thanks for your help…

Lowes carries Ettore

For years I used the HD Unger stuff.

There is a huge difference in rubber quality between the consumer and pro stuff. I don’t know if this is still how its done at Unger, but I noticed the HD rubbers have stars stamped into them, where the pro rubbers don’t.

Once I switched to the pro stuff, I couldnt figure out how I did it with HD stuff for all those years. Night and day.

Let me re-ask my question… Does the unger “lid” sold here on WCR fit the 6 gallon unger bucket sold at HD?

That rubber with the stars on it is the same exact rubber that JR( sells as their three star rubber.

I’ll find out for you today.

We’re you ever able to find out if the lid fits? I will be ordering my supplies soon from WCR and it would be great if the lid fits. That way I can have one bucket to fit all my supplies in.