Unger ninja end clips have they improved

I’m looking at switching over to the ninjas but have read a lot of negative reviews on the end clips coming undone easily and the rubber falling out. Any up grades been made to the end clips?

I don’t think so. I was using the ninja around this time last year and I always had this issue. I didn’t really like how bulky and clumsy it felt either

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I loved the handles but hated the channels, sold every one I bought . Always wanted to give them another shot though so I bought a ninja handle and a ettore super channel. Its awesome for pole work , not clip less but works .


The handle and the clips have been upgraded recently.

I concur - they are upgraded & don’t slip outwards

Honestly. I only had a problem with the clips at first. I stuck with them though. They break in and stop causing issues after a little while of everyday use

Humm, what will happen if you leave your squeegee in your boab and forget to take it in at night and it freezes?

I have an original unger ninja handle and 18" channel if anyone wants it. Pm me.

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