Unger Nlite Review, First day of use...from a noob

I ordered my WFP system last week from WCR. It was set to deliver while I was on vacation and since I live in the country we close out gates up while were away so our horses can eat the grass in the drive leading up to my house (yes the grass is indeed greener on the other side). That being said UPS will dump boxes at the gate and since I live in the country someone WILL steal it. They hooked me up and let it be delivered to my buddies house. I needed it ready to rock because this week I have 3 jobs I’ll be using it.

Unboxed it, ratchet strapped my tank to a dolly, tested it for a little bit and threw it in my jeep (more like gently placed). My first job literally was worst case scenario windows. The heighth wasn’t bad at 27.9 feet so I didn’t need to use anything other than the master pole. These windows havent been done in YEARS and on top of that they have fake french panes on the outside. Metal fake french panes that are about 1/4" away from the window which leaves a water gap no matter what you do. I am absolutely amazed at the result of the WFP. It’s super lite and east to move. The only negative I have is that a pole on/off water switch should be standard. A single person going to the tank and turning it off is simply ridiculous. Or if you have an assistant they literally just stand there and turn the knob off and on for you which is insane.

Whoever was responsible for cleaning them before didn’t feel like getting a ladder to get above the entry way. People kept parking in my way (cones was the first improvement note I made). These windows were really really bad. East facing and a thick film of dirt. We soap hand scrubbed with a scotch pad and steel wool then used the wfp after and the result was great. The only bad thing is that underneath those metal panes there is still residue because it’s impossible to get inbetween the pane and glass. Not a big deal but it still bothers me to know there’s still dirt on the window.

The other negative I have about the pole is that it should come wth some type of carry bag. Carrying all the poles together quickly turns into a Swiss family robinson poles rolling down the hill situation and since the pole costs like $1400000 dollars I rather just carry them in a bad. I’m still firmly believing that WCR should have some type of point system for every X amount you spend. Maybe get some free squeegee blades every now and then or a shirt or hat or something.

The pole also worked well when I just use the little 5ft first section from the master pole. The section above the entry way was a little tight so I just went mobile “bane voice” and used it at the top. Here’s a few pics of part of the job. Very happy with the pole and the service from WCR. Super helpful answered all my noob questions and got me the gear needed to make dat money

I understand how you want to get something free when spending a higher dollar amount but it’s also likely that you got a deal on that price spending more.

Another way of looking at it is if you have a customer with a larger job do you give them a discount for having a big job?

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Hey there thanks for the purchase! We greatly appreciate it :grin:

I’m glad to hear your first job went well. The learning curve can sometimes take a couple of weeks, so we always recommend people play with it at home to get the technique down. But either way glad it worked out for you.

We do have packages in the store with a switch as you speak of that come standard.

IE: https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/xero-pro-carbon-fiber-water-fed-pole-deluxe.html

Most people don’t use an on/ off switch of any type. They just let it run or pinch the hose in between use. We don’t add it by default because a lot of people simply don’t want them and it would drive up the cost.

What is added by default is a green quick connect with an on and off valve. You may want to use that or at least give it a try.

Unger does make a bag for the nLite - Unger nLite Carrying Bag | Water Fed Pole Supplies | WCR – WindowCleaner.com
We list it but don’t put it as a default option as most people don’t want it and just prefer to save the $ | I think its really over priced by Unger. If it were more affordable, we would list in the main category of the store.

This is what it looks like:

I firmly agree with you & we do :slight_smile:

I just looked in your account and noticed you recieved 24 bucks in store credit. Thats sitting in your account, next time you check out it will ask you if you would like to use it on that purchase.

Thanks for the order - you made a good choice. We are here to help if you need anything.


Great response Chris!


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Thanks for that answer Chis. Pinch the hose and buy the bag.

I too love the Nlite. It’s great pole. Love the clamps. Big fan. Only thing I’ll add is next time you speak to a rep can you ask them to start sewing the bags handle closer to the center of weight. It doesn’t carry real well off center like that. Otherwise it does what it’s supposed too.

Thanks again

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Awesome! I didn’t even know how I had a store credit. Josh helped me out a ton and was super helpful. I hope everyone understands my tone here. I am 100% pleased with this purchase. It just would have been nice if it came with a bag of any type. I’m not saying that’s even on WCR’s part I think it should be standard from unger. Each pole should have it’s own singlet bag that you can join together if you have multiple extensions.


No I totally get your point :slight_smile: