Unger Padstrip

I was looking at an unger padstrip in a brochure today…

They say its [B]“a sleeve with abrasive non-scratch pad on one side”[/B]

I haven’t yet actually examined the sleeve physically.

So can anyone tell me how abrasive is the pad part…

Will it knock sun baked on grime, or dirt off a window that has not been cleaned for years with a good scrub of it?

Hi, I have one of those, the scrub pad side works very well for me, but the downside to this particular sleeve, is it does not hold much water, so you have to re-wet it often, otherwise it works great.

So it scrapes off really stuck on dirt then??

Pretty well, but less so on a pole at height. At ground level, I’d rather use a Triumph scraper.

This was my first washer sleeve, but I haven’t used it in ~5 years.

It will take off a surprising amount, im not sure what soap you use, but i always use a scraper anyhow for really stuck on stuff, its faster. then scrub with the pad, then re-wet, then squeegee.

Ye i was thinking of using this for indoor pole work at a height of about 4-5m…
Really dirty windows, spiderwebs and muck stuck to the glass.
Naturally i will scrape first, and then think i will use this sleeve.
I don’t want to use ladders as i am not insured for ladders on commercial premises as i really mostly do residential.

Using a scraper and this,do you think i will i get away without going nose to glass?

Thanks CC.

With spider webs, I have more success removing them dry than wet.

Every situation is different, but scraping and following with this Unger washer may be redundant – your normal sleeve may suffice. Or, try this sleeve alone. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Do you have an angled scraper for pole work, such as the Triumph?

Ok thanks Larry

Yup i have a 30degree scraper so the angle should be fine

I would stick with the scraper and get it clean the first go around. I use this sleeve for dirty interiors only.

My new favorite for gakky interiors is the Blue Max (sorry Chris and Alex, it was before your time.)

Only took me two years to get one, Craig!

The pad is nothing more then a scotch bright pad sewed into the strip washer. You can pick them up at home depot. But I don’t know if HD is in your neck of the world. I have two of them. One small and one large. They work pretty well. They remove most junk from a window, but if it needs a razor then it needs a razor. I also have a glove that I made with a scotch pad sewed into it. It makes life easy as when I am cleaning if I run accross a hard to remove spot. I run my glove over the area and it’s gone. I dont need to reach in my bag for my razor or anything else. Just hit it with the glove. lol

Oh yeah. that’s a good one jugg, thanks

So, you put on the glove when you arrive at a job?

Smell The Glove

BTW, I’ve seen a manufactured glove like the one you describe at an Ace Hardware store nearby.

The more i think about it though it might get a bit annoying wearing a sweaty glove always, especially in the heat…you could probably do with just having the cloth in your hand or belt…ready for action and voila still no reaching for the scraper…still a good idea, just maybe not suitable on all cleaning jobs especially long ones or in the sun…

what with the “smell the glove”…LOL.
A band is it?

A band from your backyard!

P.S. They need a drummer!

Oh spinaltap?

Heard of them, don’t know much about them…

The glove is not bad. It’s a homemade deal so it’s nothing to shout about. But I’m working on a better one. I’m not a fan of wearing gloves either. I only wear this one on the left hand as I am a righty.It does save a ton of time as I don’t have to reach for a scrapper or scub pad. I just clean as normal and if there is a stubborn spot, hit it with the glove and it’s gone fast. I am thinking of just making a glove with holes in the fingers and putting the pad on the padded side of my hand. This big pad is a bit overkill.

BTW the glove is all cloth, but the palm side is rubber. My hand does not sweat. It gets wet from touching the glass but evaporates pretty quick due to the cloth.

LOL. No I only use it when I am outside the home. Also I only use it when on the first level of a house. If I’m on a ladder I prefer to have bare hands for everything. I have looked around at those gloves you mentioned. They would do the job no problem. I just figured to make one as I could not find one around here. I’m sure they are here I did not look too hard. I figured how hard can it be to just sew the stuff that I already had laying around the house. Took maybe 5 minutes to do. The glvoe does not smell. I expected it to, but it dont. Maybe I have super clean hands lol