Unger poles, is there a difference?

other than being blue or green is there a real appreciable quality or performance benefit to the green tipped unger vs the home depot variety and if so what?

I used the Unger huge 5 section pole a lot (the green one) and then just recently bought the blue 20 ft off of Amazon for like a fraction of what a 20 ft green pole goes for. Honestly I have not noticed any discernable difference. When extended all the way out, the pole tends to be pretty bendy, but so was the green one.

Edit: as you may be able to see in my picture I’m using the blue pole. No complaints, works great!

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Thanks @Craig1
hoping for some factual type differences in the construction. personally i find the clamping on the blue one i have hard to to open close

I find the twisting on an unger pole to be quite irritating. Clamps on a proper pole are much better.

Anyone want to buy a lightly used 30ft unger optilock? Shipping won’t be cheap. On second thought, shipping will probably be as much as the cost of a brand new pole. Maybe I’ll keep it and take up horse jousting.

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The green you can replace the screw head. The blue you cannot.