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Has anyone tried the Unger Stingray? What do you like or dislike about it? It seems kind of pricey, but seems like it might save a lot of time. How long do the liquid pouches last and what do they cost to replace? How about the microfiber pads? Thanks.

Got mine this morning. Used it this afternoon on a well maintained place, so i wasn’t cleaning really dirty windows. But i must say i am VERY happy with this purchase!! Comes out of the box ready to go. Gotta put batteries in and simple stuff like that. Very minor learning curve. Only thing you have to get use to ( at least i did) was making sure you keep your hand and fingers away from the button that dispenses the liquid on the glass while you are cleaning. I accidentally pushed the button a few times when i did not need any more solution on the glass. No big deal just don’t wan’t to use more than i need to. My BIG concern was will it leave any residue or smears or whatever behind. But it did not. Everything was clean and perfect. As far as how long will each pouch last? They say each pouch will do about 160 2x4 windows. And the pads are good for 200 washing. The pouches only cost a few bucks. It’s early but so far I LIKE IT!!


Thanks for sharing your feed back.

Wonder how well it will work on heavier solid windows…

Yeah, thanks for getting back to us. It sounds like it might be a winner. It would be interesting to get a comparison from someone who had the old Unger indoor system, with the rectangular pads.

You probably will go through more pads on heavy stained windows.I squeegee heavy stained windows. I have been using the IPC Eagle indoor cleaner for a few yrs now and love it also. I use it for regular maintained customers.It ALSO works GREAT if you make any mistakes with your WFP. Just put the pad on the glass where the spot or drip is, give it a quick squirt and erase the boo boo.Make sure you use a clean pad! Also if you offer a rain guaranteed and have to go back and fix a few windows that got spotted up…all you need is this tool. Takes 5 minutes. But i TYPICALLY will squeegee the windows if they are really dirty. I LIKED the old Unger indoor tool but when i bought the IPC Eagle the old Unger went away. I will still use my IPC Eagle for really high windows. I have the 25 foot tool also the 5 foot tool.


I have been using the speed clean kit since it came out and now have the stingray the thing that I’m most impressed with is the solution so far I have not noticed any hazing even in direct sun to be honest with you I thought that would be the biggest downfall with the stingray was the fact you had to use their solution but it turns out the solution may be the key to the stingray working still in the early stages so I will keep you posted


Thanks for the feedback John. Your vote of confidence means a lot. I wonder what is in their solution …??? :relaxed:

It only list Scotchguard and window cleaning solution. I know when the speed clean kit came out Unger had me test some chemicals for them but they left a haze on the glass when the sun hit it

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Did Krispy Kreme today. I do them once a week inside/out…so the windows are not that bad especially on the inside. Long time customer. I always WFP outside and WF inside with my IPC Eagle indoor tool. LOTS of big windows and NO small ones…so i was REALLY looking forward to test the Unger Stingray on this. And when the sun is out, EVERY boo boo that you make shows through that restaurants glass ( and the sun is out today). When i was done i noticed the time it took me was not any different than with the IPC Eagle. With the sun barring down on certain windows on one side of the building it appeared that everything looked perfect. I was feeling very good. Looked like the Stingray was going to pass test #2.
But as i walked through the restaurant and happened to look back at those same windows (this time from a side angle), those same windows that appeared perfect a minute ago were smeared BAD from the side angle view. And not just ONE, but several. This left me wondering how many more were hazed and smeared but because the sun isn’t hitting them just right, i can’t tell. OK, this never happened with my IPC Eagle pure water tool. So right NOW my opinion on the Stingray which was just a few days ago at an all time high is NOW on pause. Meanwhile i will keep testing it. It might be ME…you know. Might be more of a learning curve than i first thought. But one thing is for sure! Next week, when i do Krispy Kreme again…i WILL be using my IPC Eagle lol.


With the shape of the head being triangle it will definitely take a learning curve to make sure you hit every spot on the glass I did notice for the first time yesterday I had some side lights that were too small to use the triangle head so I had to resort back to the speed clean kit for those windows.

@yourwindowsclean what mix do you use in the IPC indoor pole?

I use straight DI always. I use the indoor tool mainly for reg. maintenance customers. Typically will squeegee dirty windows indoors. The reason i like the IPC is not because it does a better job than the Unger Speed Clean…but it is so much easier and faster by being able to spray the glass with the trigger on the pole. My BIG concern with the new Stingray was spraying cleaner on the glass and not just DI.Yesterday i took out the cleaner in the Stingray and sprayed DI water on the pad and cleaned some windows that way and they turned out GREAT.

Interesting I used 50-50 DI water and isopropyl because with straight DI water I was having hazing because of over wetting I find the opposite results using the unger solution. Crazy who knows whatever works. I do totally agree with you that it is faster with the spray as part of the unit but what I did not like about the IPC was spraying the glass not the pad. I like the design the stingray uses with the spray in the middle

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My stingray came yesterday…

I immediately ran out to try it on some glass.

Even though I live in the burbs and surrounded by golf courses and what not. The closest actual retail location of any sort to my home is a medical marijuana dispensary. They forget to clean their windows I think… I didn’t even know they knew I was using their glass as test for all my new toys after hours. Until they approached me with a 1 gram pre-roll of medicine…

First time someones offered me a legal hooter in public. I really was confused as to what to say. :wink: Trust me, that’s rare.


I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with the speed clean after using the Unger Stingray.

I must say… For touchups and interiors… This was a wise investment. Just saying

Would not use for super dirty… But could prescrub with di water and the speed clean to remove major stuff… then blaze back through with this one. Or at least… that was one of my thoughts.


Did not think of 50/50. I recleaned several windows yesterday on commercial stuff due to the speed clean hazing.

The heat here makes the glass sizzle even when it is only 60 degrees Fahrenheit… I thought I needed to wet more to compensate. hmmmmmmm

I’ve never used a 50/50 anything…but i am ALWAYS trying different things. I will try it out as soon as possible. You ARE correct on the over wetting thing with DI. I found that out a long time ago. I’m glad you replied!! ALWAYS lookin ta get better!! Thanks John

Just made a brand-new discovery on the stingray I thought my batteries were dead but was amazed they died so quick but it turns out my solution was empty the sprayer cuts off when the solution is empty nice feature


OK, just used the 50/50 mix.I’m SOLD!! Thanks John!! Still love my IPC Eagle however.

The Stingray has been selling like crazy. One question I get is how high can it really go. I’m waiting for someone to get the 10’ kit and add 3-5 extensions and bring it to 20 something feet, I want to know the breaking point of this unit… Someone will do it, I’m sure.

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