Unger the pill

Unger the pill…anyone use it or have done ?

any thoughts on it…

I have been reading up on it and can’t work out is it for any normal w/c job or just real nasty ones like smoke jobs…?

how long does it take to dissolve in water?

oh and how much do they cost?..like what size packs do they come in?


I tried the pill on my house and a customers house. I didn’t like it at all. The job I had was moderately dirty and it left way to many streaks.I switched to dawn halfway through, because touch-up was taking forever. I experimented and tried different dillution ( you’re supposed to put one “pill” per gallon… I tried a little less than that up to maybe 2 pills per gallon.) with no success. Maybe it’s just my area, but I give it a big thumbs DOWN. Every other thing Unger makes is pretty great, though.

I’ve used a few and gave the rest away. It seemed to dissolve slowly. I now basically use GG4 for everything. Simple, no dissolve issue, and can tweak it up or down for different applications. EDK

We stopped using the pill about 10 years ago…now we have 3 kids!!! Just kidding. We did use it a LONG time ago. Now we use Glass Gleam. The pill did dissovle quick and was inexpensive, but you had to carry a bucket of water around peoples houses which was a P.I.T.A. Glass Gleam is a much better product.

Not bad for smoked windows, but hardly any slip. I add one to GG4 if I’m having trouble removing the worse stubborn dirt. But I wouldn’t buy again - as someone else mentioned, you’re probably better off with dish washing liquid.

I use strictly GG4 and if I have smoke covered or nicotine stained windows I squirt some Simple Green or Titan Green on the window and - problem solved.:smiley:
If slip is the issue I add some friction reducer.

I tried it a couple years ago and didn’t like it at all. I gave the rest to my brother-n-law (also a w/c) he gave them back to me after he gave it a try. I think I threw the rest away.

the only unger soap i have tried and did like the result was “Easy Glide” my issue is that it smells too strong…some smell is nice, but i find it is like cheap aftershave smell.

can you use the unger pill in freezing temperatures or will the solution freeze