Unger vs Ettore

Have you ever noticed that Unger products are usually cheaper and less durable than Ettore products? Even their rubber doesn’t last as long as Ettore. I use some of the Unger gear but some times I wonder way. Mostly Cheap Plastic. Made more like a kids toy than a reliable tool for professionals, right?

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Uh oh. Don’t get me started. Lolz


Why not?

Good question.

Some things of Unger I like more than Ettore and some things of Ettore I like more than Unger. I use them both but overall prefer Ettore…

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Same here. I think we prefer Ettore because it feels more solid and made to last. Sometimes Unger has a better design so I buy it anyway.

I own both and use both frequently. I use my ninja more so I’d guess by that I prefer unger?