Uniform and Van Pics

Just thought I’d share our latest uniforms and van signs with you guys. We’ve had them for a while but havent taken any pictures til today

Check out the picture from our trip to Hungary too. Can you find whats missing in the photo?:smiley:

Awesome pics! On the last photo either the seat for the bench or the toilet - it’s hard to tell which.:smiley:

Very nice signage and uniforms!

your company van looks great, very clean, easy to read. Do you have anything on the backs of your shirts? I just do the backs of our shirts now, seems like more people see the back of us first. One of my goals this year is to keep my van very clean, having my employees wash it once or twice a week after work. It all looks good tho, good job! Ill have to snap a pic of my van…after I wash it…:o

That’s how we role.

Man, you guys look tired. My pic looks like The Brady Bunch in comparison

Actually we havent washed the van in months. The rains been doing that for us.

Wash my truck weekly and clean the windows twice a week. I figure window cleaner should have clean windows, and the vehicle just looks better.

Beside I use my truck to take my Rotty to the park dailly so her side gets pretty dirty with her barking at all the bikers. Damn my city for apparently being the bicycle capital of America.

Fancy rims :smiley:

I kid, very nice setup

The rims were 4 for $13.00 at Wal Mart. My other car has them too.(different design)
Lets just say I dont really care about rims.

Colm, I dig the power blue nice looking van and lettering.