Univalve question

So just got a univalve. I have flow valves on all my brushes and I’m noticing that the univalve won’t work with a flow valve after it. Anyone else had this issue ?

@John or @Alex

What do you mean by flow valve? Do you have something where the brush jet split at the T?

It works only if I hand the valve fully open. Thanks

The Univalve https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/exceed-uni-valve-7169.html goes inside the pole. So its a great tool for turning the water off when the pole is extended high. The valve you have now is great for turning the water off when the pole is colaspsed. I guess just decide which is best for you.

Thanks for getting back to me mate. Yes but my plan was to use the valve I have on the brush to turn down the flow if it’s to high but the thing is if I turn it down then the uni valve doesn’t work. It will only work with full pressure