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Hey everyone! I wanted to say hello and announce a new benefit we have worked out with Chris for WCRA members. But instead of just having the benefit listed for members to check out… I thought I’d re-introduce myself to the forum.

My name is Andy Jones, you may remember me as MercuryAvenue. Its been a little while since I last posted as I no longer have a cleaning business. I decided to sell my business last year to pursue something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. Really just getting back to my roots. Many years ago (sigh) I went to school for digital design and started in the field soon after graduating. But at the time work was slow. One day my brother needed a website for his window cleaning business and I thought “why not just make myself one too.” Just to see if I get any calls. The new window cleaning business was easy to sell and it took off! So fast forward 12 years, three kids and many employees later I decided to sell my business to focus on doing just design. I had been doing both for over a decade. I had some big ideas I wanted to pursue and it was time.

Since selling my other business I started 2 companies. One is called UpEngine. You may have seen our booth at this year’s Huge Convention. It’s a Design and SEO company - but done right. I know SEO is a bad word for many that have been burned by “web guys” out there who over-promise and under-deliver. The truth is that SEO is a long game, its tedious and its ever-changing. I wanted to create a company that provided true SEO that was a dependable option for service industry websites. I also wanted to make having a website affordable with a monthly model that includes ongoing updates. In addition to our different Website packages we also offer Graphic Design and Social Products… Check out our website UpEngine.io

The second company I started is SkyBros. This company provides resources for the service industry. Soon I will be announcing a new resource created especially for window cleaners. Something I’ve personally wanted to build for the last 10 years. We made a soft launch at the convention but I decided to make some additions before opening it to all. I’ll be announcing that in another post very soon. Sorry to make you wait.:smirk:

Anyhow, I am excited about these new endeavors. I really wanted to create something of value for service industry professionals and I hope this enthusiasm is apparent in our work. So check out our site and please stay tuned. More to come!

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to contact me!


  • P.S. UpEngine’s WCRA member benefit is a good one. See the discounts page for details.

Hey guys! Yes, super excited about this!

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