Upgrading pump on powerwasher

Hi guys, ive got a question for those who powerwash. I have a 3000psi power washer w/ a 6.0 subaru engine and it puts out 2.6 gpm. I am thinking about changing out the pump since it has a cheap axial pump on it and slapping on a General pump w/ ceramic plungers that will get me at least 3 to 3.5 gpm. I got the power washer from home depot to clean up around the pad, but now id like to add it to my wc service so i want to trick it out a bit, so in doing so do you think that with the pump upgrade ill have a decent machine to do some regular residential work, and maybe some light light commercial?

Also another question on chemical application. Do any of you guys use a chemical sprayer to apply your chemicals to the surfaces. Like one of the industrial strength garden sprayers especially made for chemical spraying. I was thinking about using one of those since i dont have a high tech. chemical injector. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Basically…those big box store pressure washers are not intended for everyday use and usually have lousy pumps. If you could get a nice General or Cat pump to work it would be cool.

Another downfall is…most are direct drive’s if there not built “meaty” from the get go they dont last long.

I say look into a better pump but…i’d also look into a belt drive unit,and when you can afford it pull the trigger;)

thanks for the reply craig. Ill definitely pull the trigger when i have the money to get a better unit. For now im just going to do some small jobs to see how it goes. But ill definitely get a belt drive and minimum 4gpm when i am able to.

As for the other part of your question regarding chemical application,i highly recommend an “X-Jet” it saves your pump;)

How does an X-Jet save one’s pump? Wouldn’t one simply downstream and avoid the pump anyway (downstream injectors are installed after the pump)?

Sure you could downstream, just as well as X-jet. It’s all about personal preference;)

This is a total rook question concerning power washing but what is the difference between a x-jet and a ball valve? Also can a downstream chemical injector be installed on any pump?

Not sure im following you on the ball valve question? I know what it is but not sure it pertains to your question. As for an X-Jet it’s a special tip that fits on the end of your gun,(with a barbed end for a hose to go from the X-Jet into a bucket of chemical)there are 2… regular style(stream only) and the M-5 (which i have) it’s adjustable spray or stream.

With injectors they usually come standard with most washers.As Larry mentioned you could downstream or as i said(mentioned) because i prefer it can X-Jet.I’ve seen some pretty heated discussions over the 2 and what’s better? There really is no set answer because as i said its personal preference.:wink:

You need to try both & decide for yourself;)

Pressure Washer Downstream Chemical Injectors
Downstream injectors are installed after the pump. In order to function, the pressure must be lowered with the use of either a dual lance and soap nozzle, a variable nozzle, a dual nozzle holder, or an adjustable nozzle holder. Water enters the inlet of the injector and creates a venturi which drops the pressure and suctions the chemical from container. Chemical can be injected either in concentrated form or in diluted form. Chemical can be regulated by turning the dial on the injector or installing a metering device on the chemical line. The injector contains a check valve to prevent water from flowing into the chemical container while in high pressure mode.

NOTE: Length of hose will determine ability of injector to work properly. It is recommended to keep hose length at 100 feet or less.

Source: http://www.pressuretek.com/injectors.html

Stop by your local PW’er distributor to see a demo.

Right on thanks Larry and Craig for the info. Im gonna read up more on both and then choose. I asked the question about the ball valve craig because as i was doing more research on power washing i came upon a video on you tube and this guy was power washing this house with siding on it and he and his partner were saying that x-jet were a waste of money that all they were using were just a ball valve to clean the house. I dont know if im explaining in right.

It didnt look like he had a wand on the hose if looked like he had some sort of valve attached to the end of his high pressure hose and he was spraying the house down w/ that. So i was wondering if that was a ball valve.

Can you supply a link to the you tube video? If so i may be able to better answer your question.

Here is the link to the vid I was talking about. Hes using a Ball valve and a downsteamer. The comments he makes sparked my interest. Let me know what you think Craig. Thanks buddy.

Here is another one Craig.

Thats pretty cool! Alot of folks say let the chemicals do the work & that less pressure is needed…i guess thats a good case of it!

Im just curious what happens with real stubborn stains? If the old ball valve can hang,no doubt he probably switches out?

Check out www.thegrimescene.com for the never ending debate, the X-Jet VS. Downstreaming. It is the equivalent of our extension ladder VS. sectionals debate.

I started with an X-Jet because I was using the same hose for my WFP and pressure washer, just switching back and forth. The reason I didn’t downstream is because your chemical, while not running through your pump, is running through your hose. I now have dedicated hose for my PW and WFP and still use the X-Jet. I like the M-5 because you can adjust your spray from a wide fan for close up surfaces to a pencil like Jet to reach three stories all while not having to change out tips. One of the cons of the X-Jet is the overspray/mist it produces, not so great on windy days. Not to mention having to walk around a jug of housewash with you. I love my X-Jet though.

It’s a good idea to have a ball valve at the end of your hose anyway. That way you can change out guns or surface cleaners quickly without having to turn your machine off.

I know the quality of "Ball Valves vary but…i prefer this one myself feel safer with it,especially when dealing with alot of PSI

I would think you need a bigger motor for 3.5gpm.