Urine from concrete?

Anyone I know how to remove pet urine from concrete. This is a for a pet boarding house. Their main concern is the stain not the odor. Thanks!

You will not get urine stains out of concrete, you can however alleviate the odor. You could try a hot water pressure washer with a surface cleaner, but thats about the only way, and even then it probably won’t work so well.

I have some experience with urine in concrete. The stain can be difficult as well as the odor.

I have a trick though. Use a percarbonate cleaner like f-10 from pressuretek. Lay some towels over the area and SOAK the area as much as possible. You’re goal is to try to keep the area wet for about 24 hours. Concrete is permeable and the urine soaked down into it. Your goal is to try to get the percarbonate to soak in and come in contact with all of the urine, so i can’t stress finding a way to keep the area wet enough. I have removed all of the stain and all of the odor with this method. But if it’s real bad it may be a lost cause.

Maybe you can stain or paint the concrete for her and cover the discoloration. I don’t know anything about that though.

If the customer wants the odor gone and you cant accomplish it with the method outlined above, you can put a urethane finish on it and that will seal the odor into the concrete

@mercuryavenue If you try this method post your results please, although i’ve done it with other percarbonates, I’ve never tried f-10.

One more thing… Don’t mix it with hot water. Mildly warm water at the most. Hot water makes it off gas too quick.

Try Pet Zone. It’s for carpet cleaning and works great on stains and odors. I used to use clean carpets and
it cleaned up some nasty stuff very well.

Good advice Tim. What about after cleaning the concrete with heat, spray some %12 love (SH) over the area to help brighten the concrete up? It may dissolve the smell also. Just a thought. I know I’d try it.

Yeah, would be worth a try but sodium percarbonates do wonders on urine (even skunk). I’ve worked with them a lot.

How did it go?

[COLOR=#0000ff]Read this on a pet site about this very problem.[/COLOR]

"White vinegar will remove urine smells. Urine is a base. Vinegar is an acid. Mixing an acid and a base will neutralize one another and it will turn the solution to water…simple chemistry. Now use your favorite cleanser to scrub the floor. I had a cat for 20 years who would urinate on my wood floor everytime she got angry at me.( I think wood absorbs more than concrete.) A professional rug cleaning company gave me their secret.
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Urine also has a yellow pigment to it and acid sets dyes into carpet. acetic acid is used to colorfast rugs that bleed, sort of locking them in place.

And The problem with concrete is its a base too. So the acid Should be neutralized after.

I’m a pro carpet cleaner too, percarbonate is the best for it in carpet.

Just seal it :slight_smile:

Urine+bleach= bad chemistry.
Really bad.

Snap sum shots …

You try something simple as a good bleach, strong vinegar, let soak. I had to PW a few garages and used straight bleach soak. Depends on the concrete, surface type(really smooth vs brushed). Worth a try.


OMG. You never cleaned a toilet with clorox? What are you locking yourself in enclosed room sniffing vapors. The release if any is minimal. Have adequate ventilation and dont stay and watch it. I have been in the cleaning business for well over a decade. Use bleach daily. No lung problems, allergies developed. Don’t over react. In fact dog kennels use bleach as a method of cleaning. Neutralizes urine. In many cases removes stains and kills bacteria especially Parvo. Before he goes out and buys all these expensive chemicals. Try cheapest first. Mentioned stain removal. Vinegar is a great way to remove smells and acidic just might remove stain as well. I did an eviction clean a few months ago. Concrete floors. Left 3 dogs and 2 cats in house for a week. Once the carpets were removed I treated the floor with a heavy bleach solution and scrubbed it. Left and let it sit. Came back later using a 9% vinegar solution. Let the house air out with fans running. Took care of the smell. After that the floor was rinsed/extracted and a sealer applied. No smell complaints. So have experience with this. Did it, done, it, alive and kicking. Depending on the age and type of concrete the stain may not come out. There may always be a spot there. If they are really concerned with seeing a mark then in the future they may be reminded it is a boarding area. Stain and/or seal the concrete to prevent future occurrences. Anyone that PWs concrete knows there are some stains that just won’t come out. If its etched and chemical reaction has happened to alter color of cement a stain may always remain a stain. Live with it, stain it, seal it, paint it, worse case blast it or sand it.

old urine + SH = chlorine gas
vinegar + SH = chlorine gas
Simple chemistry mate.
I wouldn’t make it a regular practice without a respirator.

Removing urine from concrete can be a real challenge. Once I had such problem and I used odorzyme. Try spraying the affected surface with it. Cover with plastic sheeting for 1 to 2 hours. You should allow some time for the first application to soak deeply into the concrete. Then blot the floor dry with paper towels or cloths. Reapply odorzyme. Repeat the procedure. For lighter stains you may use baking soda and white vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain, then add white vinegar. Leave the paste on the stain for about 15 minutes. Then blot it up or scrub with a brush. Repeat if necessary. Good luck!

thanks I’m off to the place tomorrow to try it out!