US Tariffs on China

What are the Forumite thoughts on the upcoming US tariffs against China? I read that the majority of WFPs are manufactured there and I assume that many other WC tools and equipment are also “Made in China.”

I’m for it but Trump has left a lot of wiggle room for products. It’s just a game to get China to play nice.

And I was worried about the metal with my screen washer but overall it’s good. My aluminum comes from here so I don’t think it’ll impact me. However, it will really help our economy.


Much ado about nothing. Media needs it to be a reason for hysteria, but I think it’s just bargaining going on. China needs the US as much as we need their junk. Who else would buy all of the stuff they import to the US? They will work something out.

I used to find it interesting when living in Europe how little there was made in the US and imported to the EU. Everything was made in China. Every time my folks sent me something from home, I had to pay import tax unless it was declared as a gift. I couldn’t get any of the US suppliers to send me supplies because they didn’t want to deal with the customs fees and duties.

This might balance things out in the long term.


There is nothing that I need for window cleaning that can’t be manufactured here , so I have no dependency on Chinese products. I doubt that it will have any affect on my WC business. I think that any policies that Trump suggests will have more impact on people running major corporations than it will on me.

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I voted for Trump, and I think he has lost his mind… He’s a nutcase.

First, import tariffs are NOT going to get US manufacturing running in a short period of time. Secondly, the tariffs are going to be paid by the end consumer

After signing that albatross of a spending bill, Trump can eat a bag of di**s. He’s a mealy mouthed double talking, LIAR. I don’t trust his decisions anymore.

Will cross that bridge (things I need not being available or being outrageously priced) when I get to it. Until then, it doesn’t rate thinking about.


I disagree. It’s already created 500 jobs to a plant that was shut down in Illinois.

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Yeah, my chime in is it will just make everything, including gas more expensive. More inflation. More stuff made from plastic, which will be higher because gas and oil will be higher. Watch canned goods, let’s see what innovations they come up with for that; (read, more plastic; I used to give 30 cents for a can of 'mater soup.) :hushed:

I would not bet that these tariffs are the thing creating work. More likely the tax restructure is. Besides, your article is crap. It only pokes at obummer, not citing that the 500 jobs was created by tariffs. .

Now, if you’d actually like to talk about jobs… remember that deal with Carrier when he was running? Remember how he claimed he had saved jobs? Well, that was all a lie. Those jobs he “saved” weren’t going anywhere. They still shut down the lines that were moving to Mexico. Trump refused to talk to the union rep that was trying to keep jobs here. In Pence’s OWN back yard, he let them leave. Pence is as crooked as old Trump is.

So when I have seen the guy lie, why would I believe he is going to do anything good with tariffs? Consumers want lower prices and fair quality. You could make your own squeegee and sell it for 200 bucks and tout American made 100%, but you know and I know, you won’t be in business long.

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did you see this? Omnibus Spending Bill | As a matter of national security, I’ve signed this omnibus budget bill. There are a lot of things I’m unhappy about in this bill, and I say to Congress,... | By Donald J. Trump | Facebook

He signed it, right? Who put a gun to his head?

Complains on one hand how budgets were hollowed out to keep us “safe”, then goes on to say keeping us “safe” is top priority. Well, if the budget is crap, why did he sign it?

I had heard he him say the day of signing, that “he got funding” for the wall… What funding was in that bill you ask? Only money to repair the EXISTING wall, not new. So if the “wall” is his motivation to sign, why isn’t a new wall getting built?

The guy is a liar.

Some people might be fooled into thinking Trump is “better than” the others. I am willing to bet at the next election, Trump won’t be winning. He has walked back over his promises too many times. Even his lap dogs like Limbaugh and Hannity, can’t defend that. I hear the pissed off people calling into Rush to complain about Trump not doing what he said. Trump is losing his audience. His fellow RINO’s are sitting in the same boat.

Why you should not wait to buy your carbon fiber pole!

They are in affect now 35% on all carbon poles coming from China . Might want to get yours at the old price now!
Look for it all to go up soon! $350 on every $1,000 of good coming in! Will put some manufactures on hold for some time!

I wonder if this affects poles that are maybe of Euro design (like unger) that maybe are shipped from the EU, but made in china?

Here is a good article on the subject of tariffs by the Larouche PAC.

The author suggests that without reigning in Wall Street’s endless currency speculation tariffs will be rendered non-effective.

My personal wonder is this: are the tariffs a stealth tax? Consider if Trump tried to make an immediate 25% consumption tax there would be revolts in the streets. Well, that is what is being paid in the form of tariff charges. It is still cheaper to pay the 25% duty than to buy made in North America eh?

Folks you have been paying tariffs your whole life on nearly everything you buy. Xi Jinping is in trouble with his people, the Chinese market is down 40% YTD and falling further in a 3 year recession. Trudeau is being pressured to sign a deal with US while EU flops, Macron, May and Merkel are all sinking fast. The US needs to drag China to the WTO table for leverage. If you are ever going to correct these problems, now is the time.


I don’t mind paying more for quality products. A lot of the Made in China products need more QA/QC.

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Many imports coming in our facing an 35% tax right now

Its on all carbon fiber now!

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It is not as if carbon fiber products can’t be obtained from USA companies. If you follow on every broadcast of social media and Sell-Me-More Drama news outlets, then the sky is falling every hour of every day.
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The tariffs tend to cause goods to be purchased locally or in the US.

More US sales sounds good to me.