Use Kevin's Marketing Tips!

5 out of 6 proposals were accepted using Kevin’s suggestions for a more professional looking quote.
Thanks Kevin

The 6th quote wasn’t accepted probably for this reason-
I was referred this client by a FRIEND who just moved to Brooklin NY with his wife for 5 months. He is not by trade a window cleaner but a floor care provider and wasn’t until the last 2 years that he started doing windows for some clients. He did this house interior/exterior plus pella storm windows for $400.00 When I got their added it all up I come up with $780.00 I can see why it would be hard to catch that ball. They had no heads up that basically out of inexperience this friend of mine was basically giving them free storm window cleaning. I looked like a pirate coming in for the booty.

Did you find the dropshadows? How about a sample of your quotes? Thanks Chris

You’re welcome, man. Glad it worked so well.

Would you feel comfortable posting one?

I’ll post them but I’ll let you know that I borrowed ideas from both Brennon and you Kevin. I would still like to tune them up. Got some ideas for me…please.

Thanks and hope I can help in some way too.

This quote is one I just sent today. I don’t have this yet but if I do -6 out of 7
But I still feel like I’m missing something???draft flier.pdf (853 KB)S. Balaloski.pdf (963 KB)

That’s quite a guarantee (“you have ever used”)!

[U]First[/U]… – recieve s/b receive (twice)
– …homes windows s/b home’s

[U]Second[/U]… – recieve s/b receive

It is quite a guarantee, however I’ve decided that I will become the solution to any problem that an imperfect window cleaner will inevitably face.

In other words if I did not fulfill my promise the first time. then I will be eager and happy to make it right. Maybe even do more than they expected.

It’s not that I’m absolutely the best but that I want to make myself available to them so they see I am committed to them as a valued customer.

Ex. I had to cancel a job the other day- 1.5 hr. notice. On the phone I apologized and told the homeowner that I noticed they had a chandelier when I give a quote, and I was going to wipe it down for her. The end result $40 tip.

I messed up but then I went beyond what she expected to be professional.

Thanks for the spelling errors I made though. I hate when that happens.

What does “- Exterior Washing” mean?

outside: outer, cleaning of building or residence. I don’t say power washing because I put more detailing into it than just a spraying with high pressure water. I will often also use scrub brushes and extension poles as part of my service. It’s a true exterior washing of the building, complete with rubber duckies and soap suds.

How do you pronounce your name?

I hit that neighborhood up on my first direct mail and got nothing…looks a full on stepping up of the game is necessary.


Brennon Sorry about the neighborhood paths crossing. I dont want to compete with my brother. I thought you were focusing on New Albany. That area was Gahanna.

If you haven’t yet Brennon, Dublin-Granville Rd. between Hamilton Rd. and Kitzmiller Rd. is the several million dollar homes neighborhood. It’s all New Albany. I will be happy to go out with you and pass out your fliers with you there. I bet we could cover some ground in a few hours.

Fellow board members! That is a sign of a class act!

You weren’t infringing on any territory of mine. We all help each other out and knowing that there’s someone like you out there getting great results has inspired me to re-look at my entire proposal setup. Keep it up!


or as some like to call him, a-hole

whoops, I forgot to add a :smiley: at the end of a-hole

That’s better.

“Lat’s ko” (like “let’s go” but different.)

Hey Chris - one thing that you probably didn’t consider when posting this …

Mr. Balaloski’s address and phone number along with a picture of his house should’ve been covered or something, or at least the first two.

just my 2cents

Yes your right. I’ve been including that lately. It slipped past me. I almost made that mistake again yesterday. I made some changes and forgot to re-add it in.
Thanks for catching that.