User Photos- Reach Higher Ground

We have added a new section on our website entitled ‘User Photos’

If you have a photo of yourself or someone from your company using our equipment and would like to have it posted to our website, submit your photo to [email protected]

All photos will not be used.
A link to your companies website will be added with the photo.

“Not all photos will be used” might be a more accurate disclaimer.

How’s Halem doing?

Just found this post and the ‘vendor’ section as a whole.

Halem is good. Just turned 3. Its not fair that God has given us a means to keep such accurate track of time. Oldest is going to be 7 this year.

The ‘User Photo’ program was discontinued due to the fact that the few users that we did list in the first couple days were contacted and solicited by one of our competitors. I’d rather not have them be harrassed.

Come on Chris stop harrassing Shawns customer’s :slight_smile:

Which Chris are you talking about? I bet I know!:wink:

Then there’s little reason to go any further :stuck_out_tongue:


How about them Blackhawks?


You boys behave!

Interesting new avatar Shawn.

We will be announcing another exciting product in the next couple weeks.

The ‘R-Cubed’

Looking forward to it Shawn!:wink: