Using a chamois for window cleaning


thats cool. I had a guy who used to use one but I could never get the hang of it. Maybe it’s time to try again.


That is the way I see it. Although how do you know if it is good thing if you are not trying out other things? I like to try different stuff now and then just to keep things fresh.

I just got a 5 sq ft chamois and am planning on using it in conjunction w/ my new favorite detailing cloth the SCRIM! If I can get this twosome wired I’ll be set. I figure a few scrims and the chamois and I’m good to go.

Yeah, I’m trying the chamois and scrim as well. The scrim doesn’t dry out as fast as I hoped, but it is also 45 degrees outside. I like is so far, but it sure smells like a sheep’s ass!

I am using a natural chamois. Do you guys prefer natural or synthetic chamois?

Have you tried Shamwow clothes? I was thinking of ordering them.

TY Kenny. Awesome write up bro. Good detailed description.

I know I covered this but for clarity:

I started using a chamois a couple of months ago and although I liked the tool, I found it takes a little longer to dry edges with a chamois than it does with a huck. However, I went through a lot of hucks…

So for a while there i mixed the chamois with a huck. But that took two swipes.

so I got the scrim Chris sent that K sent Chris…and the scrim works the same way a chamois does only as fast as a huck.

So now, I use both. However the chamois never touches the glass anymore. I use to to wipe the blade or frame or excess waster here and there. Example:

One of my accounts (a hotel) has the room number on plastic ‘cards’ glued onto the window. That makes it impossible to squeegee around. I wipe the water just above the placard then squeegee.

I’d love to see your method Kenny. Can you video it and send it in?

I used to use a chamois back in the late 70’s before we had all the decal lettering on the glass. I used the chamois and a sea sponge.
When I got back into window washing resently the chamois presented a problem for me around decal lettering. It seems to hang up and drag, no glide like a dry huck towel. Am I doing something wrong?

I used the scrim again today with a little better weather and it worked great. My new arsenal will include one huck, one chamois, and one scrim. it lasted me all day!

I just use the scrim - anything above squeegee height I keep the Unger clamp & a nicely wrapped microfiber inside nearby. I like to keep it simple - scrim can do anything that other alternatives offer.


Have you ever used a sponge for bottom frames?


Hey everybody :slight_smile: I am Jordan and I am greek. I am new in business but I like it a lot… Tomorrow I will use the skrim for the first time! Do you use sorbo products?