Using a rotary device for stain removal


I’ve got like 4 water stain removal projects possibly on the line. I dont even think i have the forearm strength to do all of these by hand. I’ve found that using the product i use (Dri-Wash or waterless car wash) works best with steel wool, but also works with white scrub pad.

What do you guys suggest for a tool to make life a little easier on me?

The job is at

3030 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, HI

Saab Honolulu, HI

I quoted him anywhere from 175-200. I’ve never done water stain removal on this level but, thought that was a very fair price. Anyone wanna back me up and check my bid? Only reason i ask is I get a lot of request for water stain removal and I dont want to get undercut (to hard at least). To me though this job is well worth the time at 175$ Even if its a low end price it’s a great account to have and a recommendation from a car dealership would look outstanding on the website.

I learned that when giving quotes dont give a sliding scale either lol. So i suppose i gotta charge 175 for water stain removal and then 25$ for a Pure water rinse with the WFP. Those windows are gonna look stellar when i’m finished with them though.

A lot of people here swear by the glass renu system- not only removes stains real quick, but u can get into scratch removal and other restoration work. Its a little pricey, but if u market yourself right, it should pay you back pretty quickly.

I’m not sure about your price- since I still havent done restoration yet, but my goal is around 100-150/hr when using the rotary buffer.

Ok so i’m about right with a 200$ total. i figured with a rotary device that will take about 1 1/2. What kind of rotary device do you use to apply product? More specificly what kind of pads? Im gonna go check out home depot today. Before i do anything on a customer i do it on my car windows first, i figure there is no better test considering it’s tinted and sensitive to chemicals.

I use a Dewalt 849 Polisher with a Schlegel hookit backing pad ( cs-1-800-845-2020), and a buff and shine lite cut/polish yellow foam pad #3000G Car Buffing Pads, Car Wash Equipment, Automotive Polishing Pad & More – Buff and Shine. I do have a Glass Renu unit, I never use it for water stain removal, I did once in 3 years. The polisher is the hot ticket, I cant tell you how many thousads of sq. ft. of glass I’ve used it on for water stain, but its a lot. Many times it’s One Restore first, one or two apps, then the polisher with A-1 spot remover.

Thanks, man!

What speed do you typically use?

How long do the pads typically last?

Thanks for the thorough reply. I’m going to start shopping around

I use low generally…I think it’s around 12-1300…higher when I get ticked off ; ) My pad I have had now for over a year…the only thing that really tears it up is pushing it in the corners and some funky deep set frames where the edges of the pad get torn…the flat/center/ on to about 5" out are still good as new…it really doesnt wear as bad as I thought it would…my original pad 3M was more egg carton type, uneven…didnt work as well, too soft…it tore up quick. Do Keep it clean…rinse thuroughly after use…make sure no rocks, sand etc get in it…that’d make a nice design on a piece of glass. I clean it, spin it on high to get the water out, then bag it.

So basically your application and buffing are done with the same pad? Or do you buff by hand?

Sweet I just picked up the Dewalt on Amazon for 165$ with … free shipping to Hawaii SOLD!!! Now I gotta see about that other stuff

Would you mind posting the link to the exact pads you use? I’ve been trying to find a good pad for awhile now and I’ve not been successful. Does the pad require the backing pad?

I smell a pretty awesome video that could be made :slight_smile:

Pad is here., Foam Pads Recessed Foam its the yellow 3000g at the bottom…My backing plate I got locally, get one with some flex to it…
then just find the 6" backing plate for it, Flex edge grip backing plates …I think the 600y is closest to what I am using…A cool tip I use once in a while…if the stain is uber stubborn, sprinkle some barkeepers friend on the pad, over the A-1…gives it a little bite and takes it off better. Obviuosly the more chem you put on your pad it will sling…so I go light…and put it on more often. Bubba, I never polish out by hand…Im too old for that : )

Great! Thanks for the info! I’ll grab a couple and try them out.

Thanks Dave… Your the man

So when using the glass renu system or something comporable does that remove the need to use the scraper to remove the stain? If I am reading responses correctly the answer is yes. Just need to know before start blabbing my mouth to clients.

I am getting a glass renu system on monday…the same day I paying someone to remove scratches at a job.

Yea the GlassRenu system is amazing you can remove anything from the glass with ease… Seriously anything… ALex and I ripped out some fabricating debris scratches the other day in quick time… Stains are a breeze…

that is good news! Actually the 2 or 3rd best news of my day.

what’s a good fining pad to use for scratches, prior to polishing?