Using a wfp with traditional tools indoors

Okay, all I want is either a wooden cone with European/wfp threads or an ACME end for my wfp so that I can use my superior pole for higher indoor work, but I can not seem to find this anywhere! Anybody know where I can? I really can’t keep using duct tape, it’s killing my efficiency.

You didn’t look very hard lol

Aside from a short 6 footer, we don’t use traditional poles anymore. Its so much easier with a squeegee on a WFP.

that thing does not grab on to the euro threads very well

my rech-it pole came with a Euro threaded cone. I haven’t found one anywhere else so I’m really scared to lose mine.

wfp for trad tools definitely.

Oh, I’ve seen that before, but I mean, come on! $20 for that? It’s rediculous! Especially when someone said that it doesn’t grip well. So someone please explain to me why these Euro threads exist on WFP. I had assumed that Euro threads must have been the standard thread on European window cleaning poles and tools, but if that were the case I should be able to find cones and such all over… But I can’t, so are the euro threads only used for wfp and nothing else?

Did you ever think of the time and money put into designing, molding and producing these things?
Not to mention the manufacturer and supplier need to make a profit.

I never had a problem with them slipping and have been using them for maybe 6-7 years now. The only issue I had is that they would get lost easily, so now we don’t take the cones off (and they don’t slip off).

If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. Better yet, buy a Makerbot for $2000 and you can undercut the whole market, considering there is such a demand for them.

This is the one we sale now for wfp

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I think I tried that and squeegees didn’t stay on it very well. Maybe it’s a different one I got. It was quite awhile ago.

Cool, John. I’ve missed that. Thanks!

I meant no disrespect, and I’m not cheap, but when you can buy wooden cones for $5 or even less sit seems to be a bit of a rip-off to buy a 25¢ piece of plastic for $20. If that’s the only thing that’s available then I’ll buy it, but I was surprised to find such a lack of products out there.

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I use a gooseneck like this on my waterfed pole then just pressure fit the excelerator to it and clean the high windows easily. It is also nice using a gooseneck so you can adjust the angle for deeper sills.

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If you have an old aluminum pole, try taking out the small section and putting it into the end of your WFP. I read that online somewhere but haven’t been home to try it yet! I have the same problem as you so I’m hoping it works.


Well you weren’t wrong. It literally doesn’t grip at all, although I think it pressure fits okay. So here’s to doing this 100$+ job and hoping this stays on well enough. Worst 20 bucks I ever spent.

Spoke too soon, time for the duct tape …

$5 from an online supplier over here, been using it for years works great.

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Great. If only Google would actually give me relevant results I might not be in this mess. Pressure fitting the piece on didn’t work because it fell off and trying again broke the top section of my wfp, so now I’m REALLY upset. Also gonna have to come back and do this job later, not good.

The one I linked has a Euro thread.

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If you have a wfp with Euro tip this is the adapter that you need to use window tradition tools.