Using Credit Cards

Sorry I dont know if this has been touched on before but who are you guys using for your credit card service? I got a flyer from Costco saying they have a service for doing CC but i wanted to see what other options there are. Also how much do you have to pay for each transaction?


I use PayPal. They charge 3% per transaction. No set up fee, no monthly fee. No fee to withdraw (move funds to your own bank account) if over $150.

I started with them this spring and have been happy with how things work. My withdrawals end up in my account within 2-3 business days (they promise up to 5 days). You can have them go to your site and click through to pay through your Paypal setup, or send them an e-mail invoice which has a link to the Paypal payment page. You can even (I’ve been doing this often lately) get all the credit card info, address, e-mail and process it yourself if they have problems following instructions on how to do it online.

see my site for how I have it set up.

PayPal is easiest for getting started with CC’s…unless you are running a huge number of transactions thru per month.

Thats a good way of doing it thanks, i will look into that also

I use iSwipe on the iPhone. My fee is 24 dollars a month, 3% of the transaction, and 30 cents per transaction. After entering the information in the iPhone and tapping charge, within 30 seconds it gives an approved or declined response.

It will send the customer a receipt, along with a receipt to you by email.

The money is in your bank account in a day or two.

I have a commercial account that couldn’t pay through PayPal, so that’s why I went the iSwipe route.

I also use PayPal.

I looked into a mobile credit card reader through my bank. It was something around $200 a month for the wireless unit and $75 for the one that plugged into a phone jack which is just silly.

I use FirstData for my processing. Visa Mastercard,Discover. I use it alot. 1.77% charge per transaction. Credit cards will work wonders for you on those late payers or better yet on the payment dodgers. I have settled up with a few customers that I know would have stiffed me on payment to this day.

I’m not the original poster but thanks for the advice. Set up paypal on my website last night and added “pay online” verbiage on the bottom of my invoices today. I even made a $1 payment to myself to test it out. With gutter season starting (most customers not home) hopefully they will pay a little quicker with the online payment option.

If your customers are not going to be home. Get a CC number up front before you service the house. Enter the numbers yourself. No waiting around for payment.

geeeesh! What a cheapskate. :wink:

Do you take their info and pay through a virtual terminal? Paypay virtual terminals are 30 bucks a month. Or do you just go onto your own website, press pay now, and enter their info as if you were them? Is that ok to do, cuz I dont want to pay 30 bucks a month.

Also, how did you get the “pay now” button? I cant find it on the paypay site.

Hope this helps.

Wait a minute, does a customer need to have a paypal account in order to pay for services? I was under the impression that one would need an account.


This is what confuses some folks when they go up to pay.

I tell them they don’t need a Paypal account and all they have to do is click in the section for credit cards. But what do they do? They try to login in to Paypal in the login window but they don’t even have an account, then they call me and tell me they’re having problems. I just wish Paypal would design their site better so that it is obvious where to click when it’s a credit card transaction.

I also use first data. They have a program where as you dont have to run a minium per month and you can put the account on hold for months when you will not be running a card. It’s nice cause you are not billed for those months. I only run CC for my government accounts which are done once per year. No matter what processor I have used the government is chared 4% on the transaction. I hate it as they state it’s a high risk card. lol. GOVERNMENT CARDS ALWAYS GET APPROVAL lol. Anyway so far so good with the company. I run old school paper, swipe thingy where you place the card on a sliding contraption that imprints the info of the card on a carbon receipt. This allows me to get them to sign the receipt and give them a recipt right on the spot. I go home and use a vertual internet terminal after that. So far $22,000.00 worth of charges over the last 2 weeks with no issues and there are 4 more transactions that need to be run by end of the year for them. I received about $21,200.00 and change after the transactions were run. Money is in the bank account in 3 business days.

Another method with PayPal is to log into your merchant account and send an invoice by email to your customer. He or she will then enter the CC info on the PayPal website and it’s paid. No hardware for you and no having to get their information.

Thank you so much. This was so helpful. I now can accept c.c.'s without paying the monthly fee that I used to pay before I stopped accepting them.

I use PayPal. They charge 3% per transaction. No set up fee, no monthly fee. No fee to withdraw (move funds to your own bank account) if over $150.

You can only transfer to your bank if it is over $150.00??

You can transfer when ever you want. It is free to transfer for amounts $150 and higher. Lower than $150, they charge you a nominal fee.