Using drones for window-washing, commercially and residentially

Has anyone considered the use of drones for window-washing? It is safer and very economical. Aquiline Drones Corporation is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the most popular window-cleaning drone called the AD Spartacus Endure. If interested, send a short email to or call at (860) 361-7958. You can also check out their media postings; Face Book, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Someone contacted me recently about this too. Also a robotic solar panel cleaner for like 15k!
Its very difficult for me to wrap my head around how a drone would be safer, and even if I was convinced? I still would have to convince my clients that the drone cant malfunction and cause uber damage to their buildings or to people. OR State fund insurance or the general liability provider.

After that has been tackled, THEN tell me the thousands I’ll have to spend on the equipment etc.

I understand on the surface but a lot of that sounds like my, and other’s, responses to the change from “traditional” window cleaning to water fed pole window cleaning. This next stage will not completely replace water fed pole just like water fed pole did not completely replace traditional. It’s inevitable. Oh, don’t get me wrong…its dorky and goofy in the beginning.

I’m all about innovation brother, but the tool isn’t ready yet.
That drone is going to have to be gas powered, and if not, it’s gonna be pretty dang big to carry the weight it needs to. So the propellers are going to be about as dangerous as a helicopter just about.

It’s got 4 of them. If one fails, there isn’t a redundancy to land it safely.

How is a building manager going to tell their investors they have nothing to worry about?

I’m not closed to the idea, but its still a problem that would need to be solved in order for this tool to be considered, don’t you think?

Thats just commercial buildings. For a house, that, in my opinion, is reckless.

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Oh I’m 100% with you on the fact that these are not even close to being ready. The safety risk is high and effectiveness is complicated.

But, I am still asked by new property managers how holding a 65 foot pole up in the air can be considered safe and effective and they often can’t believe it’s covered by my insurance.

Could it be like saying that the original Tucker pole won’t catch on? This company is only one of many that I’ve seen or who have reached out to find some poor suckers to try their new budding technology. It won’t be this sucker but it does convince me to have my ear to the ground.

I hear ya on the poles. I couldn’t use them at the college campuses when students were around, anything inside that radius is at risk. That’s true.
You know you do got a point. At some point, like the poles, and once deemed ‘safe enough’ newer and innovative told are going to change the game.
And like the poles, insurance outfits are gonna get on board too i bet.

The cost for this stuff tho…i was asked by 2 drone outfits and one robot solar cleaning guy. After i heard what they had to say and asked how much i started laughing!

This really isn’t the right time to be trying to get the little money i got left.
This roller coaster ain’t over yet, I don’t know about you but I’m hurtin’ where i am.

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AD drone spray washing


Factually, drones are being used for washing windows, roofs, solar panels, wind turbines, water towers, domes, water towers, etc. by hundreds of customers (power-washing companies and facility managers) worldwide. This technology is here to stay!


I watched the video. You need some kind of agitation for proper window cleaning. I dont think just spraying pure water on the glass will get a proper clean.

Do you have any specific window-cleaning videos you could share with us?


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Safety was never an issue with them? Not one single person had any question? Weather its here to stay or not, I haven’t heard the answer yet.
In the video, it shows guys doing high rise work and the video is implying that a drone could do it. Are you telling me that you have clients who let you spray your solution on a high rise?
Come on bruh. Prove that one.
Its gonna be raining for 2 or 3 blocks away from that building for sure, hopefully nobody looks up.
Besides, everyone knows pressure washing glass don’t get it clean.


Agreed. Without proper agitation you’ll just get a mess :face_vomiting:

What happened…where did he go?

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I feel as if a drone wouldn’t provide the right amount of brush weight / pressure to the glass to actually get it clean.

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@karlosdaze was telling me maybe 15 years ago, he thought in the future, windows would be cleaned with microwave(s) technology or ultrasonic of some sort. I never forgot about that idea.


They have been using sound/frequency for cleaning now for around 30 years, usually in specialist areas i.e. Italian church glass & micro-electronics. Commercially viable on a grander scale to whoever invests the money.


I just saw this blog article about it. The soft washing aspect is very interesting. If they can get a spot free look I think it might be worth the investment.

Benefits of Drone Window Washing