Using Loose Resin in the Unger nLite

I have an Unger nLite that i’ve been using for the last year. I’ve been buying the “Unger Hydropower Resin Bags” that are made specifically for this DI unit.

However, I have heard that if you want you can simple put loose resin directly into the tank and it can be cheaper. I am wondering where people find the best prices and brands for this. Thanks for your time and replies.

There is another thread on this- Need Hydropower empty bags

I do exactly that, fill hydropower up with loose, tried re using bags but wasted so much time and never got enough in. Just make sure it’s good n full or it’l give wonky TDS. Saves me lots of money.
I get a cubic ft for $230 CAD, probably about six refills in the Hydropower from that. Compared to the $80 + unger wants for the refil bags. Not too bad.