Using pole with squeegee

Do quite a lot of windows with my unger pole
Any tips on improving my technique etc ?
Always feel I take too long and I could have detailed in a more efficient manner

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Do you have any specific issues to get some tips on?

Don’t wet the edges or tops… Go as close as you can without letting water get trapped in there. 85% of my straight pulls on storefronts I’ll go halfway down and then fan the rest by hand.

Squeegee the sill off with a small detail squeegee and move on to the next window, very minimal detailing. Unless of course there’s some gnarly drips and it just looks like it needs it.

I don’t ever use a pole on residential work, seems like a short cut and most windows are too dirty to just scrub with a stripwasher then squeegee off and detailing is a must on resi jobs.

Mike Radzik
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Thanks for your reply
I do straight pulls and then find that there’s 2/3/4 lines down the glass depending on the glass width
When I try to detail them I pull the clamp and microfibre down the window but often the cloth doesn’t slide down the glass but seems to “grip” the glass and often it comes out of the clamp
Any ideas - I think best way to do is vertical pulls across but when I put the squeegee onto the pole the angle is always wrong and doesn’t pull off the water properly

Change your rubber, or try leaving more overlap on each pull… Like instead of 3 pulls do 4 and that may help as well

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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Try and angle the squeegee just a little bit as your pulling it down or across.

Example if your are pulling down from right to left across the window make sure the left side of the squeegee is angled up just a bit so the water runs towards the undone side of the window. Same thing with making the pulls left to right across the window make sure the top side of the squeegee is ahead of the bottom that way water runs down as you pull across. Hope this makes sense

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This ^^^^ should help you a lot. [MENTION=7638]entytwiss[/MENTION]

If the glass is filthy enough where you need to scrub a lot and get all of the edges entirely, get your ladder out. If its maintained, get close to the edges with your mop and leave a small dry area around the edges. Then, 7 method from there… should only need detailing on the sides if done correctly. As said above, make sure your squeegee is pulled down at an angle with proper overlap.

I see far too many guys not detail upper windows, and I guarantee it needs it. Cleaning a window (properly) with no detailing needed is next to impossible, no matter what you read. Keep in mind, not all storefront glass/seals are created equal… out here we have a pretty good size rubber seal on commercial glass, and cleaning glass without detailing will not happen, or you spend more time trying to NOT have to detail than it would take to just detail in the first place.


^^^^ some good additional advice. [MENTION=7638]entytwiss[/MENTION]

It takes time to become proficient. I find that if I detail before I squeegee it, then there is less detailing needed. As for the lines, try varying the angle of the blade and the pressure and the speed.
What type of squeegee are you using? I find that makes a big difference, at least for me.