Using Ryobi battery powered pressure washer for window cleaning

We use this when come across windows have heavy build up of dirt clean rubbish out of tracks, pressure clean fly screens. And because it is battery powered also has it own water you can use it anywhere.


Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be available here in the states. I wish Ryobi would sell more of their tools here. They’ve also got a really nifty 18v 1/4" trim router that’s no longer sold here. Who knows what else I’m missing out on :unamused:

And yes, @Majestic66, the color scheme does have something to do with my affinity for the Ryobi brand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think the pressure washer for the screens is a little overkill, Right where you were was a hose real.
I use this but with my own mix in there normally just soap with a little chlorine, wet up about 10 screens with the solution then rinse off with trigger gun set to a heavy mist, its primarily what I use when the screens are not able to be removed like security or crimsafe type screens if they are removable same method with the soap and rinse but in a central location.

Especially when those are between $440-650, I can build a 13hp 4300psi system for a few more bucks.

Be using DI water on the glass see how that goes.
Might be a quicker and better then using water fed brushes?
The good thing using this is that you can use this anywhere the pressure about 4x the pressure of a hose off a tap.
See how it goes with Di water going though it.

about 40% of my work is house washing. Cleaning a window without agitation never get a perfect results.
If i were using that system you have I would still run a soap solution thru a venturi to remove the majority of the dirt as the soap seeks it out and bonds to it making it much easier to remove then just a water rinse alone.
Then i would use a WFP on the glass

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Yes hear what you are saying Steve.
We generally do not do house cleaning with pressure washers.
This is only for windows wash the heavy dust grit off glass and frames.
And out of tracks builders cleans.
Then nose to glass scrubber / squeegee.
Next time around then use the WFP.
Also easy to move will be putting on a trolley system later,

I very rarely squeegee exterior windows these days unless the WFP doesn’t get it 100% then 5 secs with a squeegee on a pane or 2 on the final walk around .
On Friday I cleaned a house it took me about 90 mins for he inside I turned the tap up a little higher than normal( by mistake didn’t want to walk back to tap lol) and didn’t want to waste the water to ran around the house house the external windows and frames and tracks cleaned in 10 mins.
If the house is really dirty and screen are terrible I will suggest to get the house wash as well to the get the level of clean they are hoping for a house wash is required and a pressure washer is ESSENTIAL in a house wash.

Its not about the pressure it about the delivery system. 90% of my competitors brag about how they don’t use chemicals for a house wash I brag how I don’t use high pressure.


This is the battery it uses lasts about 30 minutes.