Using the X Jet M5 with my 2800 pressure washer

New to the X Jet M5 with my 2800 pressure washer. Newbie question here: How high can the product reach on a house with this kind of pressure washer? It seemed that I was getting only around 20 feet with the product. I was hoping higher for a house that I need to do, probably 40 feet high at the peek. Get on a ladder then? Other options with my equipment? Thank you in advance.

Ask this on the PWR site.

Ok thank you

Ditto to DC. But also, reach will be determined by GPM of your machine, and the quality of the spray tip. The m5 nozzle tends to mist more than a dedicated shooter tip. But if your machine is only putting out 2.5 gpm, you’ll still struggle to hit 30’ peaks with even the best shooter nozzle.

Ok, thanks. As I have used it several times now, it does better than I thought originally. I think it also depends on the water intake from the house where I’m doing the work. Thanks again.

Yeah it’s based on your machine really.i have a 4.5 GPM 4400 psi machine and seems to shoot about 40ft